Strange Rebel Frequency / Press

“The latest from this quartet further solidifies their bluesy niche in L.A.’s indie circuit. SRF took the distinctly southern Americana formula of baritone vocals like Leonard Cohen, coupled them with female vocals, and added solid post-punk/blues guitar riffs. “Down in the Hole” and “Missing” veer toward a lighter, stripped-down sound more like Iron & Wine or The National. Meanwhile, “In the Blood” showcases their southern gothic roots, reminding me more of Nick Cave with a foreboding creep of guitars while the title is chanted repeatedly. They neglected to include a murder ballad, which would have sweetened the pot. If you dig the aforementioned, pick this up right quick.”

“Sans Restless Memory, the second album by Strange Rebel Frequency is primarily an acoustic based assortment of songs that falls somewhere between Johnny Cash and Swans. It is a stark recording that will put you straight into a car on a late evening ride through the arid wastelands of Southern California upon listening. The Los Angeles based group actually released Sans Restless Memory in 2007, but this disc recently arrived in the mailbox of Three Imaginary Girls and upon hearing these songs, this ‘better late than never’ review was asking to be published. The fifteen tracks on the disc span a range of folk (“Vanalden Days”), roots country (“City Of Angels”), punk (“Wire”) and goth (“Crackle”), but there is a cohesiveness to the record that is held together by the omnipresent strumming of acoustic guitar and the low grumble of singer David M. Cross’s voice.”