Strange Land / Press

"Strange Land are a three piece who certainly like to make a lot of noise with their cerebral progressive rock/metal ... well, I said noise? Yes, but I meant it in a good way"

"A five piece band in a three piece body"

Michael Popke - Shepherd Express

“I can’t compare them to anyone which is a good thing but fans of Dream Theater and the likes will surely enjoy this. You have to experience this from start to finish to truly reap the full rewards.”

“(I)t’s a difficult task trying to describe their sound. I like to think of it as King’s X, Fates Warning, and Dream Theater hanging out at a King Crimson show. The band blends all of these influences into a delectable treat that is brimming with originality and expertise.”

“By incorporating more melodies and backing vocals than on the band's previous two albums while still managing to boost both the aggression and the accessibility factors, this three-headed monster needs to be playing festivals like ProgPower USA and building an international fan base.”