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“. . .we came back to Vitello's next Tuesday for Strange Days, a Doors tribute band. Strange Days lead singer Jason Tosta grew up enthralled and haunted by the Doors, and he seemed to channel Jim Morrison at times with his looks and phrasing, jumping off an amp as the real Morrison did when he performed. Robert Carsten on guitar, Michael Jacobson on keyboards and key bass and Derek Smith as Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore on drums were note perfect and had the he crowd partying and dancing in the back of the room. It seemed they must be having as much fun as the kids who went to see the Doors on the Sunset Strip in the 60s, just over the hill on Laurel Canyon from Studio City. Strange days, indeed.”

“Then it only follows that Jason Tosta would portray Jim Morrison in a Doors tribute group, which is exactly what he does! Jason spoke with us about his band Strange Days: A Tribute To The Doors.”

“23 DECEMBER 2013 This past Friday, Dec. 20th, Robby Krieger made a surprise appearance with The Doors tribute band Strange Days at The Joint in Los Angeles, CA. Several other special guests were also in attendance. Ida Miller was there and shares this account along with a couple of photos: "Manzarek-Krieger bandmates and road crew were also part of the fun. Owen Goldman played drums except for when Ty Dennis sat in for one song. Bassist Phil Chen donned a Santa hat and joined in for a few songs. Strange Days guitarist and former D21C crew member Bob Carsten plugged in for a song or two during Robby's set as well. Former D21C road crew Artski and Darren were in the audience." w/photos”

“You can probably find a Doors tribute band in any city you go to in America (and European cities as well) but the number of Doors tribute bands that have actually played with a member of The Doors is a rare occurrence. This past December the Los Angeles Doors tribute band Strange Days had to opportunity to have Doors guitarist Robby Krieger sit in with them at The Joint in Los Angeles on December 20, 2013.”

“Strange Days performed last night at The Joint. The recreation of the Legend of Jim Morrison and the Doors was incredibly for real!! Having the Looks and mannerisms of the legend is astonishing!! The Band is all in character as well right down to the instruments!! Two Legends like original Doors guitarist, Robby Krieger, and legendary bass player Phil Chen sitting in was just icing on a Cake that was already sweet as can be!! If you have a chance to see Strange Days!! I highly recommend it!! All the hits of the Doors are covered and sang masterfully by Jason and his band plays like the Doors spot on!! Hope to see them again here in the future!! Thank you for what you do!! Tributes!! Manny's Tribute Band Page for The Best of Tribute Bands on Tour.”

“Strange Days rocks!”

Robby Krieger - Doors guitarist

"Strange Days is the best Doors cover band that I’ve seen and their lead vocalist is the best Morrison cover that I’ve seen as far as voice, look and outfit."

“CALUMET- Are you a fan of a band that's no longer performing? A band like The Doors, perhaps? If so, then you're in luck, as Strange Days, a Doors tribute band will be playing at the Calumet Theatre. "The thing about it is that I don't ever speak to the audience as if I'm not (Jim Morrison)," vocalist Jason Tosta said. "It's basically as if you're seeing a Doors show. You're going to see the mannerisms. You're going to see what he did. I buy into it 100 percent." Filling out the rest of the band is guitarist Robert Carsten, Michael Jacobson on keyboard and Chris Lammers of drums. "Each member of the band portrays their character. We all pay respect to the entire band." "We're very excited about coming to Michigan," Tosta said. "It's a whole different vibe than Los Angeles. Strange Days performs at 7: 30 p.m. on Saturday March 9. Tickets are on sale for $24. Discounts are available for theater members.”

"Authenticity mixed with unbridled energy" awaits Prescott "Doors" fans during a concert celebrating the legendary American rock band Friday at the Elks Opera House. "Strange Days - A Tribute to The Doors" starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range from $22 to $25 and are available by calling the Elks box office www.elksoperahouse.com or at the door one hour before show time.. Strange Days members include singer Jason Tosta, guitarist Robert Carsten, keyboardist Michael Jacobson and drummer Chris Lammers. "We feel we're the best Doors tribute out there," Tosta said from Los Angeles Tuesday. The audience "can expect to see Doors music at its highest quality." "We are strictly The Doors from head to toe - the music, the equipment, the dress, the mannerisms. It's all The Doors." The Strange Days musicians look forward to performing at the Elks Opera House, Tosta said. "The Elks is the kind of place the real Doors may have played." The venue may actually contribute to the experience."

“. . .an uncanny Doors cover band.”

“It is still possible to enjoy the music of Jim Morrison and The Doors thanks to performances like the one given by the band Strange Days. Lead singer, Jason Tosta and his fellow bandmates brought the art and sound of the original Doors back to life by using classic instruments, clothing, and performance style. Jason made his tribute to Jim and The Doors by singing, shouting, jumping and throwing himself to the floor while performing songs such as Back Door Man, Light My Fire, and Riders on the Storm, pleasantly surprising the audience in the Hall at the Grand Hotel in Tijuana, who sang along. Strange Days' performance allowed all in the audience to be transported back in time, and they rejoiced with each rendition of the popular songs. The excitement and enthusiasm was impossible to miss as the crowd let out tremendous cheers, chanting and celebrating with each song performed. The very best of Jim Morrison and The Doors was successfully resurrected and remembered through Strange Days.”