“The word “eclectic” doesn’t even begin to describe the music of Boston’s Strange Changes. Artist of the Month June 2012”

“Formed out of the slime, toxic waste, and rat droppings that is the great Kingdom of Allston, bizarre musical monstrosity Strange Changes is here to viciously assault your auditory processing center... with a melange of math rock, free jazz, and whatever breaks off when you shake American pop music. ”

“Step into the spazzed-out psychomusical time blender known as STRANGE CHANGES and let the waves of nostalgic post-jazz roll over you like an eighteen-wheeler. Not a group to be tied to any particular genre, STRANGE CHANGES is a Boston-based amalgamation of progressive anthemic rock, bebop jazz, breakbreat drum-and-bass, thrash punk and hardboiled noir movie soundtrack, all tied up in a funky pop wrapper. Sweet and sour like a Warhead.”

“They make music unlike what you’ve heard before... 4.5 out of 5 stars.”

“I actually have to sit down after listening to this, so give me a second... This is a must-hear album.”