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“CD Review of "Self-Titled" from The Big Takeover straight to vhs self-titled (Cosmodemonic Telegraph) It used to be that too few bands sounded like The Wipers—other than Hot Snakes and early Nirvana—but like Ready the Destroyer, StV has Greg Sage’s unrelenting riffage prowess in spades on this five-song debut EP produced by Fatal Film’s Matt Potter. Having also rocked Cosmodemonic’s double-CD Powers New London, CT sampler harder than any band this side of 30-year vets The Reducers, the trio bust a fuzzy, sweaty garage punk with nasty bass in an early punk-ish attack, with 70’s Detroit tough guy vocals. It’s only five songs in 11-and-a-half minutes, but its rough and ready, full of piss, vinegar, and vigor, ripping it up like an update on The MC5’s “American Ruse.” And like an MC5, Radio Birdman, early Damned, or Wipers record, when they chant “Hey” every few seconds, you chant with them, fist in the air. (hozomeen.org)”

The Big Takeover Dec.'10 Edition - The Big Takeover

“There’s something almost intangibly arresting about the defiantly scuzzy, 11-minute, five-song debut EP from this New London garage rock trio, something that glimmers through the bare-bones songwriting, rough-edged (at times flat-out sloppy) musicianship and bargain-basement production values. In fact, in a certain light, the raw, urgent spirit Straight to VHS exude increases in power when they’re at their wildest and least professional: the chorus of “Hey,” which is actually just a quick, shouted, “HEY!” The bit on “Self-Titled” that probably should be a chorus, but instead remains a frantic ascending/descending chord progression. The disproportionately loud overdubbed power-chord that ends that song. The mere fact that they named one of their songs “Self Titled.” The many times when it sounds like the members of the rhythm section are falling over each other. This stuff swaggers and staggers, and it’s likely to engross people who like their rock music loud, swea”

Brain Larue - New Haven Advocate

“Straight to VHS released their "Self Titled" debut EP a few weeks ago on Cosmodemonic Telegraph. I don't know about you folks, but krautrock beats, lo-fi fuzzy guitars and earnest vocals are all I need to rock the hell out. I find myself revisiting this one whenever I need a good shot in the arm, it's just as good as black coffee. The whole thing just sounds perfectly unwashed and covered with grime, just like those jeans you've had hanging in the closet since 1993. ”