“Showing immense range and versatility, from the dark and conflicted “Demons” to the playful and clever “Paul Masson Rap” to the romantic “Rest of My Life”, he is clearly talented and wields these gifts on the mic with relentless swagger and charisma. He dominates the stage, commanding attention from the audience with his sleepy eyes and effortless rhythm, and draws them into the performance”

“I love when I'm immediately intrigued. I'm not sure who produced this track, but that sample they used is so fucking sick, love the way the track is constructed”

“the crowd ate up St. Paul Slim and Prof. Acclaimed for their Recession Music joint release that came out in April (on which P.O.S. cameod), the duo from the Stophouse crew worked the crowd into a frenzy with tunes like "Is This Mic On?" and "Everybody Down".”

“St. Paul Slim has struck gold. ... make that maroon and gold.”

“The local hip hop artist is becoming very popular in Gopher Nation with his song "Play4Brew." ”

"Crewed Up," where Ant's laid-back groove allows the seven local guesters—even relative unknowns like ST PAUL SLIM and YZ—to steal the show...

“St. Paul Slim (heard on Atmosphere’s free mixtape Strictly Leakage)... as the next class of Minneapolis elite.”

“St. Paul Slim: The Slim Case a very solid, very powerful EP.”

“The 3rd Annual TC Hip Hop Awards Winners”

“St. Paul Slim at the Dinkytowner. The Dinkytowner gets a dose of local hip-hop's St. Paul Slim this week.”

“Twin Cities hip-hop goes mental at 'Artist x Artist' showcase. Those who went say they weep for those who didn't.”

“Considering the artificial résumé boasted by many a mainstream rapper — narcotics, firearms and the like — their brags need to be taken with a serious grain of salt. Be that as it may, local emcee St. Paul Slim can back each of those claims and wield a mic with the best of them, too.”