St. Paul de Vence / Press

“From confessional tell-alls (that feel like coming home to your own heart while dancing in the mirror) to verses the whole band sings acapella style, St. Paul’s performance explores the far reaches of their own sound and emotions.”

“St Paul is a great band. Friendly and engaging from stage, the lyrics seem to hold the full story of a relationship. At times gentle and sweet, the sweet nothings whispered in a lover’s ear, sung in heart-wrenchingly tender harmonies and lines. Other songs hold the tension and eggshells of a fight not had, the conversation’s opportunity long past. Regardless, the vocal chemistry between Benjamin Doerr and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Lydia Ramsey is uncanny.”

The Monarch Review

“Between switching instruments, strumming, and singing, the members are in constant motion…They are a jumble of styles, seamlessly brought together with strong vocals and perfectly placed harmonies.”

Seattle Music Insider

“Inspired to begin writing songs about his grandfather’s experience fighting in WWII, Benjamin Doerr’s St. Paul de Vence project has a bit of Beirut’s sepia-toned Old World feel and esoteric instrumental choices (concertina!). Filled to the brim with super-sincere lyrics and swooning harmonies...”

The Stranger // Seattle, WA

“This Seattle band’s debut full-length is an often-stirring set of campfire folk-pop...”

“St. Paul de Vence’s “Eventually” does it well. Well enough to burrow through my banjo fatigue and get stuck in my head...The song is dramatic and it ebbs and flows in all the right places, seeming to play through your speakers in sepia tones...and the story behind it is disarmingly charming.”

“...hopefully St. Paul de Vence can follow a similar road as Seattle’s newest sweethearts the Head and the Heart. They have all the grand songwriting and awesome talent to warrant it.”

“Best of 2011: Top 10 Seattle Bands That Stole Lindsey Scully's Heart...St Paul de Vence does nostalgia-folk right...”

“This group is fantastic and not only do they each individually have amazing talent and skills; but as a unit they seem almost superhuman.”

“The four piece Indiefolk band gives voice to the recurring themes of love, war, and the complexity of life's journey. This fiery band sparks a new era of folk music: poignant, edgy, evocative.”

Village Music