Story Of A Traveler / Press

“New features are up to ring in the end of October. From the beautiful mountains of North Georgia in the small tourist town of Dahlonega, folk/ pop/Americana band Story Of A Traveler grace the Taggleme platform with their energy and unique sound. Jacob Autry, Tyler Clark and Mark Stokes form Story Of A Traveler delivering original lyrics and music. Check out their feature and enjoy!”

“iDig: Hey Jacob, what’s your story? Jacob: What I can say about my story in a brief interview? Haha, well…started playing the guitar around the age of ten, laying it flat on my lap, fretting tunes from car commercials using only my thumb. Seven years later and jungles of relationships, locations, and lessons-learned later, my current state of motion has me songwriting off the wazoo to let loose some of the wild chickens from in my head, haha.... Read More....”