Stormzone / Press

“Holy fuckin’ shit! The new STORMZONE album! It’s fuckin’ amazing! Buy, support, worship or whatever, this is seriously one of the very best Heavy Metal albums I heard in a long time! Great songs, great melodies, great riffs, great sound - and finally compositions that actually stay in your head and you remember them after one listening! I fuckin’ love it! Fans of classic MAIDEN albums or SAXON maniacs, this one’s for ya!”

“‘Three Kings’ is a masterpiece of Heavy Metal. Thirteen songs that exhibit all that is good about Heavy Metal. Absolutely huge, punchy riffs, interesting changes and arrangements, blistering solos, a blockbuster rhythm section, massive choruses and, to top it off, a singer in John ‘Harv’ Harbinson who is as good as any Metal singer you could mention.”

“'Zero To Rage' is a well crafted album that is delivered with as much class and melody as it is power, speed and all out metal. Def an album to check out. 4 out of 5.”

“My word but these boys have power!! Stormzone reminds me a little of IRON MAIDEN during their 'BRAVE NEW WORLD' time, and that's not just because of the singer.... the whole thing is absolutely total-packed. 80 / 100”

“This IS heavy metal with a big love for the genre and it took me 6 or 8 spins to figure it out! The marvelous guitar solos and the lead heavy drums action makes this really enjoyable! 85 out of 100”

“Anyone looking for a total loss on this third Stormzone disc will definitely not find anything! So I draw this conclusion; Stormzone have increased in terms of hardness and sound compared to "Death Dealer" and they are definitely and totally convincing. 8 out of 10”

“'No consiguió Stryper convencerme al catolicismo, pero si Stormzone al Heavy Metal.' 'Stryper never converted me to Christianity, but Stormzone converted me to Heavy Metal'. ”

“On Facebook they are calling them the next Iron Maiden. Big call! Great band I must say! TheRastan69 (Youtube video comment 26th May 2011) ”

“Death Dealer is top quality metal from beginning to end with everything coming together exactly right. Importantly, you don’t have to be a fan of the retro metal movement to appreciate what these guys have accomplished here. This is an album for any fan of the metal genre and is a strong candidate for best metal album of the year. This gets the highest possible rating and recommendation. Don’t miss this release for verily it doth rock. Thanks again Neal!! ”

“Altogether ‘Death Dealer’ is a fantastic, high quality and diverse album and without doubt one of the best releases of 2010 so far! This more or less is a must for every metal head with a warm heart for eighties hardrock and heavy metal and without doubt one of the priorities in my year-list! ”

“…a very good (again) sophisticated album by STORMZONE. One more time featuring a magnificent cover artwork by legendary painter Rodney Matthews (MAGNUM, THIN LIZZY, PRAYING MANTIS, DIAMOND HEAD) the band’s sound has hardened a bit but this is not bad news (see?) at all since the inspiration and melodies & hooks are all here, only under a different more lyrical aspect. “Death Dealer” is for all fans in love with traditional British Metal/Hard Rock aficionados have nothing to fear of, the rest can just pre-listen to some samples to avoid any kind of specific expectations failure. ”

“You may however pick up a lot of Lion and Tytan vibes on this record and a comparison does not sound completely out of place. The production oozes of 1983 and it's all very much in the tradition of post, borderline, classic, NWOBHM acts such as Praying Mantis and Saxon. Using the production expertise of Kay, Stormzone have done what most people would have thought impossible, and managed to score themselves an early goal against superior opposition. This is very much 'underground' and basic melodic metal in the year of 2010. It's a huge step back in time and place and fans of Tytan/Lion will probably rejoice.”