Storm King / Press

“Storm King are a strange beast indeed. Parts Thrash, Death, Doom, Hardcore and elements of Sludge metal combining for a blast of heavy as fuck riffs. Their new album could make you loving this band from the start or hating them with a passion as their sound goes into so many different directions it's easy to lose track of it all. Well for me - I think the album is a fucking awesome ride from start to finish.”

“Everything That’s Meaningful In Your Life Will Be Destroyed, is a technically apposite and entertaining record – one that showcases just how deep the band’s influences run. Yet it is ultimately a prime example of modern immaculate musicianship and songwriting.”

“Combining some of the more antagonistic elements of thrash, hardcore, death and even — dare I say — groove metal, this record feels like getting clobbered in the pit.”

“Vaya cantidad de promos que han llegado estos días, todos tan diferentes y tirando hacia tan distintas corrientes, que a veces uno debe pasarse varios días escuchando, para no aventurarse a opinar prematuramente y de primera escucha, en especial cuando uno se toma con materiales como este, donde los prejuicios pueden llevarnos a dejar pasar o no prestar la atención debida a un disco interesante como este.”

“I would describe this band as epic thrash — the drummer is a battering ram, but the vocalist and guitarist have threads of classic metal shred. I appreciate the energy of the band and am digging the drummer most of all.”

"Storm King are inbreeds of both technical speed and accuracy with throat slicing aggressiveness."

"...invites you to bloody harvest infected with Progressive Death Metal, zerballert any resistance with infernal grindcore blasts and brings out the thrash Rundumschlag."

"Great technical music, a la DEATH, EXODUS, CONTROL DENIED, TESTAMENT, with their own identity and a great production"

"A brave and sincere album."

"...this impressive pagan-prog-metal approach is just the ticket to lift Storm King above the glut of tech bands that rely on sheer brutality to win the day."

"Hellish blast beats and rhythm section (actually their drummer is uhm… semi-God, I‘d say) and avalanche of heavy riffs and solos. When the melodic vocals change the scene to Opeth-like, it’s absolutely wonderful."

"...a thick, sludgey, volatile brand of technical death metal that sometimes pick-up grindcore and punk hitchhikers along their particular route, only to brutally murder them and dump their remains in remote drain ditches."