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“Time To Be Proud Halloween Party - If You Weren't There you will pretend you were in months to come.”

Belfast Punk Legend - member of the crowd

“Stop Stop Start Again are next up and I'm quite happy that I'm only half pissed, as I can really appreciate what a stunning band they are. Seriously , this band are fucking amazing ! In my opinion, I believe that any band who wants to make a lasting impression, relys (that doesn't look right) on the front man (apologies to all musicians) and this guy has it in spades. The "crowd" are starting to get into the night now and SSTA finish up with a blistering cove of the Roxy Music classic "Virginia Plains" which leaves all of us that are old enough to appreciate this (balls:it's only me) with a big cheesy grin.”

Charlie Higgins - Its Alive Dublin

“I fucking love this band! Seriously, this is one of the best bands to come outta Belfast in the last few decades, no question. I have to say I feel quite privileged to have been given a sneak preview of their forthcoming new four track EP 'Vampyres' which is set for release at the Halloween do in the Black Box, Belfast on Oct 31. The EP features 3 new songs '(Why Do Chicks Dig) Vampyres?', 'Dirty Stop Out' and 'Robot Bar' before finishing with a storming cover of the Magazine classic 'Shot By Both Sides'. I'm not gonna give a breakdown song by song this time because 1) I'm too fucking lazy, and 2) I would prefer it if you went out and bought a copy and checked it out for yourselves. If you've seen SSSA live or heard their previous releases then you'll have a fair idea of what to expect - a glam rock stomp with Sex Pistols style power chords and just enough sleaze so your momma won't like it! Maybe slightly less (carry on) campiness this time but still retaining that sense of flamboyanc”

Guy Twelford - NI Punk

"A Belfast New York Dolls without the hair"

One of the Crowd - Thomas House Dublin

“. This was the latest stop-off on their current 'Dirty Stop Out Tour' and the audience in the Atlantic were in for a treat. I've seen this band a good few times over the past couple of years and they just keep getting better and better. Their fusion of post-punk and glam rock gives the band a unique sound, and sets them apart from most others on the local scene. The songs themselves are full of sexual innuendo and double entendres - check out 'Serge', 'Large Hadron Collider' etc - not surprising from a band who like to have a laugh as well as take the piss out of each other. Two new songs got an airing - 'Why Do Chicks Dig Vampires?' and 'Dirty Stop Outs' - both of which sounded fantastic on the night. Magazine were a big influence on the band members and in a fitting tribute SSSA performed a magnificent cover of 'Shot By Both Sides'.”

Guy - NI Website

“Finally Stop! Stop! Start Again took to the stage. Well, what can I say ... the last time I saw them there excellent, this time they were even better! They blasted straight into 'Stop Stop Start Again' with a vengeance and followed this up with 'Better Days', 'Banging on Your Back Door', 'Plastic Fantastic', 'Large Hadron Collider', 'Serge', 'Believe' and 'Denim Boys', and these went down perfectly with the crowd. These guys are a superb band and Paul the real showman with his posturing around the stage. Excellent gig and excellent night all round. Can't wait now until June and BBA, as these guys are playing there again, will be another superb night.”

Gutter Punk - Ghirardi Music News

“Stop Stop Start Again! The biggest, baddest, bunch of ribald rockers that Belfast currently has to offer took their noisome fayre to the nation’s capital for the first time and promptly blew the old town down. The purveyors of a curious punk/glam confection rolled up at the Pavilion in the east end’s Brick Lane and shook the room to its foundations. With guitar licks hotter than a sex-starved Kylie after a vindaloo in one of the nearby curry houses coupled with lyrics as raunchy as any Rihanna dystopian ditty, London had seen little like it since the Dolls last rocked up. The sizable crowds crescendo of applause grew with the end of each ear-splitting number.”

Frankie Higney - Music News

“They Looked Like A Death Metal Band but were pop”

Shonen Knife - Shonen Knife

"Stop Stop Start Again - a male four piece made up of punk veterans and brave new blood - are a bit further on in their careers. Their Serge EP, though, has a smashing cover image : Monsieur Gainsbourg, waving an imperious two fingers at the camera , a huge safety pin stuck through one of his remarkable nostrils. As a visual summation of the influences informing the five tracks , the shot couldn't be bettered. This is punky new wave with a sophisticated and merrily sleazy twist. All involved seemed to have had the time of their lives. Hopefully now they've started again , there'll be no more stops."

Colin Carberry - Hot Press Magazine (Ireland)

“Serge EP The Mother Mix of the title track opens the EP and it’s a bit of a chugger. The guitars interplay nicely, over a solid rhythm, and taken with an interesting lyric (a feature of the EP,)Stop! Stop! Start Again is next, short, sleazy and to the point, with a riff that wouldn’t be out of place on an AC/DC album. Better Days is a mite ponderous though features a nice guitar solo and some imaginative bass work. Bangin’ On Your Back Door is cut from the same cloth as Serge though heavier with a slightly darker hue and maybe pointing towards a slightly different direction.All told this is an enjoyable EP from experienced musicians that know the ropes. Slight niggles over the production which maybe over-chromed, and they sound as if they are holding themselves in a bit. It’ll be interesting to hear what the next EP is like. ”

“Stop Stop Start Again are a Glam / punk / rock band from Belfast and you should always expect the unexpected from this band! Think the offspring of Lou and Bowie Velvets with the snarl of The Sex Pistols and PIL. ”

Unknown web publication

“Time To Be Proud: End Of Year Party @ Auntie Annies, Belfast, 30/12/2011 - featuring The Sabrejets + Stop, Stop, Start Again Picture SSSA have evolved into a real tight unit (even the stand in drummer didn't let the side down). Fusing elements of punk, post-punk, goth and glam rock, SSSA have created a fairly unique sound and are a lot more confident on stage. Having said that, frontman Paul Rowan has never lacked confidence and he posed and pouted throughout the excellent but brief set. They only played seven songs - highlights being the bands theme song Stop, Stop, Start Again, their cover of Magazine's Shot By Both Sides (great choice), the reworking of the Stage B classic Recall (to life), and their own composition Serge Gainsbourg. The set was all too short, the crowd left wanting more (that's no bad thing), but hey, a great start to the night, and the best performance by SSSA to date. Look forward to seeing / hearing more of them this year. GT ”

Guy Telford - NI Punk Webzine

“Stop Stop Start Again took the stage with a wad of cog-sheets taped to the monitor - a pre-cursor for a bunch of new songs to be debuted. Starting with the classic Stage B anthem 'Recall To Life', the set followed their last few track-listings with 'Serge' and 'Shot By Both Sides', before previewing some new tunes - 'SSSA' and 'Back Door Man'. Paul's silver trainers seldom left the monitor as he posed for the ranks of Warzone cameras, et al flailing his guitar and commandeering centre stage, flanked on either side by the B-staged William and Fletch. The mash-up 'No Feelings/Believe' was heralded by a shout out for Pistols fans to visit the little boy's room. The set finished with a surprise rendition of Placebo's 'Nancy Boy' which fitted in nicely to the vibe this band have created for themselves. Hinted at, albeit a bit tongue-in-cheek, I hope there will be a recording at some latter point.”

Mully - NI Punk Website

“Next on tonight's menu is an energetic and lively performance from Stop! Stop! Start Again. It's difficult to pin point their exact genre, but rock 'n' roll seared with punk appears to be an accurate synopsis. Rigorous guitar riffs twined with the front man's energy encourage a few intrepid individuals to leave their seats and take to the floor. At times the vocals seem a little weak but admittedly they improve as the set goes on, and the band are generally well received by the on lookers. They finish up with a reputable cover of Placebo's "Nancy Boy". ”

Review Across THE Line

“Original Stage B bassist Colin Fletcher today struts his stuff with Stop Stop Start Again and it is they who provide the first three tracks on the CD - remarkable reworkings of the Stage B classics Lizzie Borden, Recall (To Life), and Light On The Hillside. SSSA have surpassed my expectations on these tracks giving them a modern twist and full on sound, really doing them justice.”

Joe Donnelly - NI Punk Website

“A band formed in the future to honour the past”

William Maxwell