Stoni Taylor / Press

“Stoni has the most amazing voice and spirit. Where else can you see such a brotherhood in a band. When they jam they are one! Much love Kat”

Super Fan - Kay Wiz

“Stoni Taylor you brother are Awesome! you rocked me. your guitar player is dope. Dude (I'm so blessed to meet you.) Don't change, personality, voice, presence (all in one) don't forget the little folks. Much love - thanks for sharing your talent babe.”

Kathy Priest-Wise - Amazing Fan

“It's cool that the same folks are still ridin witcha!! That says a lot about u,as a man and as a person with vision. And for the ones that grind with u, to me, it DEFINES them as Funkateers.”

Tuesday Gregory - Supporter

“I absolutely love 'VU Dou River!" On my drive to work I played that song several times over and over... I am a big fan of early 70's Heavy Soul, Curtis Mayfield, Betty Davis and Sly. And your vocals and Bass Player? God help me that voice is amazing, and has a great groove. The Bass player is beautiful as well! I hope we can play together on the same bill soon, I really think your band is exceptional.”

Charles Barrow - A Fan

“Experimental Soul sounds commonly include styles which fuse down-tempo rhythms with soulful accents. Also, this style is equally identified with next generation R&B orchestral rhythms and new age funk. Includes artists like: Erykah Badu, Zaki Ibrahim, Amanda Ray, and Stoni Taylor.”

“Stoni Taylor jumped on the mic and revealed to mughs in the room just what a true soulman he is. You could feel the veils being pulled away from the audiences eyes as the intensity built and then slowly faded into reflection.”

“When listening to Stoni Taylor’s husky voice over acoustic guitar accompaniment, you hear something deeper than the average vocalist. I hear something that a lot of acoustic singer/musicians attempt to reach for, but just miss.”

“Stoni Taylor recently signed with the performance rights organization, SESAC.”

Stratagem Music Media, LLC.

“In a city where there are a lot of wannabes, it’s a treat to hear someone who can actually sing and play–and who has something decent and worthwhile to sing about.”

“This “unassuming” guy has one of the richest, raspiest voices I’ve heard from a male singer....”

"On the Coca-Cola Stage: Stoni Taylor & Miles of Stone — an Atlanta rock and soul band headed by the sexy Stoni Taylor. The group kicks off the final day.... The show was simply amazing."

"The Southern Voice Magazine"

"Stoni's music reaches all the way into the spirit's and souls of all who expirences it, and his live show - It seem's once this happens, people become loyal follower's of this new movement."

Willie Hunter - "The Sentinal Magazine"

"Check out Stoni Taylor being interviewed by Shonda Humphreys (AKA) Lusty from VH1'S REAL CHANCE OF LOVE." To watch video youtube Stonitaylor