Stoney / Press

"..More Than Animals is poetic, diverse, the mellow up against the eerie. Songs like "We Belonged" and "Albatross" are compassionately heartfelt while "Devil On My Back" and "The Score" are devilishly menacing..."

““...And I thought baroque pop was dead. Austin-via-Sheffield musician Stoney has created the most grand and courtly record in years, completely unlike anything else being made today...””

— the Big Takeover Magazine

"..Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the best album of 2014. Stoney’s album, More Than Animals is an album that should grace the top of everyone’s “Must Listen” list...."

““... A concise, brilliantly arranged 12-track effort void of filler. Stoney is back with his strongest and most diverse LP to date..””


“ "..One moment the gifted lone operator affects the kind of trenchant rock-riff panache associated with the younger Bowie, the next he's rattling off urban nightlife images with the droll elegance of The Kinks..." 4/5”

"..A gem of a debut, packed with invention..." 8/10


““…, The echoes in his music of the Small Faces, solo McCartney and Hunky Dory Bowie share space with an up-to-date musical eccentricity and elasticity that calls to mind Beck, Super Furry Animals and Ed Harcourt. In other words, weird enough to be hip, commercial enough to be huge....””

The Sunday Times

"..A sussed, intelligent and joyous record..:Simply put, I cant think of many better songwriters operating at the moment than Mark Stoney.."

Sandman Magazine

"..The Scene & The Unseen runs the gamut of the best pop over the past 40 years... lyrically sharp and defying classification, every song is a new experience.." 4/5

Sunday Express

“What's certain is that this young multi-instrumentalist oozes star appeal, and possesses enough talent to back up the bravado.”

Drowned in Sound