Stone Sonic / Press

“Really dig the power and soaring guitars!”

Final Voyage

"Evolution" is a song which can be compared to a living organism, with its blood flowing strong and healthy stable heartbeat. Gerry de Leon takes charge of the song by accenting the very first word of every verse with a specific vocal pattern. His razor sharp voice allows him to chop the song into equal parts. Brooks Ramsdell playing hard rock guitar solos along with Rob Deleon's rhythm guitar, is supported by the music of Randy Bridges (bass) and Steve Coulthard (drums) in an alluring display of harmonic cooperation. The vocals fit well into the melodies and are completed by guitar solos with the support of the rhythm section and a solid groove. “Evolution” complies with all radio standards and has a probable chance to become a radio hit.

“Great songs........really great......... love "Dreams"”

Sixx Promotion

"Evolution" had me headbanging right away! The vocalist has a very distinctive quality of voice that's somewhat reminiscent of Ronnie James Dio at times. The musicianship is superior across the board, and I particularly liked the guitar work. "Evolution" is relentless to the end in its drive, and when it was over I had to listen to it again right away.

"Drive"" kicks ass!

Fierce Alliegance

“Silent Deceit has such a killer groove, you can't help but wanna headbang to it!”