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““To us, music is like an incurable disease,” Masalko said. “We will be doing it until we die.” © 2011 Buzzbin Magazine. All Rights Reserved. ”

“The bongos and cowbells were a tradition handed down from our ancestors who started the bloodline of Stone Slinger. It all started with Earth Heaver, then came Shale Tosser, Rock Thrower...and so on. All the way up to us, Stone Slinger. But the early bloodline would kill cows, buffalos, or whatever and use their skulls as a cowbell/bongo type instrument. Our bloodline has always looked for a way to entertain! Hippie????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! ”

“A driving rock sound that is on par with COC. High energy rock with busy drums and meaty riffs. Vocals remind me of a different hard rock corporate radio. These cats churn out some beefy thick bass heavy heavy riffs, classic rock of 70's with an updated feel to it. Staright forward hard rock riff stuff. Get this demo if you like good driving rock tunes.... for a 4 song demo it sure surprised me. Definatly up and coming hard rockers. posted by Rob Wrong Desert Dreams is a short 4 song demo whose sound falls somewhere between Stoner Rock and Sludge Rock. But without Stoner rocks doom laden riffs and sludge's electronics. Tracks like " I Love Chrome" and "Under Neon Lights" pick up the pace, with the former showing more of a hardcore mindset,they remain full of big, beefy riffs and deep crunchy guitars. Overall this a band to keep an eye on here and the cd is a Desert Dream for fans.”

Larry Mac - domaincleveland.com