Stone Crusher / Press

“Underground Empire English translation: Metal crushing stone! In this way you could interpretate the message of the US-band´s name. It´s sup...posed to be that way, because that Combo plays rough Power Metal style in the traditional way, whereby the singer Chris Dow reminds us of a not so high pitching version of Tom Malicoat from LETHAL. The instrumental happening is not so „deadly“ playful, but STONE CRUSHER rather play straighter and ruder, but therefore they don´t have such thrilling refrains. Nevertheless: STONE CRUSHER are great newcomers for all the Old School Metalheads. The „bandsong“ - to be listened on their homepage - „Stone Crusher“ beats the three already very good songs of their debut-album easily. You definitely HAVE to have STONE CRUSHER!”

“Stonecrusher translation from Heavy magazine review: “How to assess the value of a band, who releases only a CDR with only 3 tracks and with a cover showing only a simple band picture, when on the other side these 3 tracks are the best US Metal in the Lethal/Crimson Glory style for years ? To give the highest Score, which only deserves that musical class of the opener “Sea Witch”, the riffmonster “Frozen Love” and the semiballad “Architect of Sorrow”, seems not to be OK for a ridiculous playing time of 12 minutes and the spartanic look of the CD, but who cares about that, when the music is such a killer. Because of me trusting the band to top this first release with their forthcoming debut easily, I will point this release now with 11 of 12 points and I call all underground US Metal lovers to buy this gem as soon as possible, and also because these 3 tracks will not appear on the full length Stone Crusher debut album ”

Martin Brandt - Heavy Magazine Germany issue # 131

“: Metal is as Metal has been done. That seems to be the mindset of Whitinsville metal outfit Stone Crusher. With riffs hearkening back to the days of Judas Priest, iron Maiden and all that was manly about head banging with a cranium full of knee -length locks , these guys bring the pain. Without Reservation these boys from the Blackstone Valley create music with the intentions to “restore order in the constant battle of good and evil.” There is something to be said about taking one’s chances at a mission dating back before Christ and Stone crusher is taking their turn. The Toughest challenge for any band is orchestration. Even if the idea being presented are more original than Virgin Galactic, if they aren’t presented well, no one cares and the ideas will simply sound terrible. Stone Crusher handles this potential issue well. With solid rock riffs backing a lead singer whose pushed falsesetto rivals that of any major label metal band,”

Tom Cadrin - The Pulse Magazine

“Central Mass turns out on hell of a metal band(yeah metal...think 80’s boston rock circuit...Friday night at the Paradise...you get the idea), with Stone Crusher. Out of Northbridge, these guys rocked the Lucky Dog music hall in Worcester last week and absolutely stole the night! We’re told a cd is in the works and we’ll be bringing you more on that, as well as show dates they’re posted, so stick around and while you are waiting, check out some samples at www.myspace.com/stonecrushermusic ”