Stonecreep / Press

“STONECREEP/The Deathmarch Crushes On (Self Released) Some awesome power/thrash metal here. Sort of Forbidden meeting Judas Priest "Painkiller" era. The singer has a wicked voice and he sings the songs with power and passion. Production is perfect and the riffs will have the neck flying. Just an incredible release of power and thrash metal.”

Metal Core Fanzine

“...Talent out the ass and the ability to write songs rather than a couple riffs and some lyrics between solos marks the biggest thing about these guys. The second biggest thing is the fact that I was banging my head and throwing the horns all over the place with this album. It’s fucking METAL! If you get the chance, check these guys live too. I haven’t had the chance myself, but if this disc is any indication, they kill live. Hey Stonecreep: keep the deathmarch crushing, because I want more. 8 out of 10.”

Funeral Rain E-Zine (CAN)

"...Heavy, frantic riffs are scattered about TDCO in equal parts awesome and badass, while the blasty drum work speed along at about a billion light-leagues per second!" 8.5/10

"The persistence of time has not ravished Stonecreep's appetite for raw, unhinged metal that uses thrash as a verb and metal's spine of Motorhead/Metallica as a walking stick. And what is a deathmarch if it doesn't have the staying power to see if through to the death. Crush on, crush on indeed."