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“Rising New Artist David Stone "The Hillbilly King of Country Music" Takes the internet to a whole new level. Now on Itunes, IPC international, Walmart distributions. A local talent Here in Daytona Beach Is making his Own place in the country music industry By writing, producing and Managing his own materials. Looking for exciting things to happen in the near future! Mark peoples...Global entertainment”

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“David Stone very well demonstrates his rich country vocals with his original works like "Angel In Her Eye," What's The World", "What Else Can I Break" and "I Want My Dog Back". Watch the cowboy hit the country charts real soon. VJPheenix”

“This guy has it all, the awesome pipes, prolific songwriting skills and lyrics that can make a person just melt. “Country to the Bone” has taken country radio by storm. “That Ol’ Truck Drove Me to Drink” is a fantastic tune that could rival some of today’s top hits coming out of Nashville. **Radio - WKAP, WGPA, WLEV, WIFI, WCTO** PASCAL - PA. Association of Songwriters, Composers & Lyricis”

“Mike canyon quotes "This Kid is the real Deal, I'll stake my reputation on it" Hot Dang country music .com”

“Catch the hits " What else can i break" And " I want my dog back"”


“TCC country say's hottest new artist and full of tradition!”

TCC Country News

“Daytonas rising young talent~ David Stone~ Makes His Debut with his hit "Hillbilly Heart" May 2010!!!!”

Rick Yampert - Go 386 Daytona Beach News Journal

“Local Country artist David Stone Is to release his debut CD in May 2010 Titled "Hillbilly heart"”

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“daytona's Number #1 Country Artist!!”


“51 on the music charts and rollin strong...Look out Nashville!!!~David Stone 2010!”


“Ladies Check out the new single Hillbilly Heart!!~ CD Release in May 2010.....We luv our fans”


“Hot new country music artist David stone..a prolific singer and songwriter hits the music scene with a title track off his new upcoming Cd 'HillBilly Heart"”

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