“South Africa's STONECOLLAR has one foot firmly planted in the past, and one in the present on their full-length debut Trial By Fire. This band has a sense of classic hard rock and metal with melodic lines. Yet, STONECOLLAR possesses that inherent 'heaviness' in their music, against melody, that modern youngsters demand. Bang your head, of course, but you can snap your fingers as well. With the right promotion, STONECOLLAR could find an audience in the States, and Europe as well. Strong talent and good songs propel STONECOLLAR's Trial By Fire. Easily recommended!”

“In my metal opinion, STONECOLLAR has grasped onto what hard rock is supposed to sound like… edgy, heavy, hard and simply put, bad-ass. It’s just a matter of time before STONECOLLAR becomes a recognizable force in the hard rock world. This is a band that has torn away from any leash holding them back… best to either get outta’ their way or sign onto their hard rockin’ charge towards success. I’m signing on, I know better”

“All the tracks spoke to me and brought on the summer feel of having a beer and chatting with friends while the tunes are pumping. With infectious rhythms, strong vocals, and killer solo work STONECOLLAR has a true winner in “Trial by Fire,””

“This is very much a mix of old school heavy metal and modern twists. There is the frenetic Maidenesque pace and style of ‘Not For Good’ and ‘Loose Cannon’. The group can crunch and grind as well with the early Metallica sound of ‘Unnatural Selection’. But it is not all old metal and the band give a huge nod to American metal group Creed with the crushing rocker ‘Turn A Blind Eye’. Even the only power ballad, ‘As The Crow Flies’, is as heavy as it is emotional. The band decided to release a single and picked ‘SQT’ which is a good choice and displays the band at their heavier level with both guitars working on full throttle. It is not the best track on the album but it is a good showcase of style and sound. However the best track on the album is the closer, ‘Dying Breed’. This is a very varied track and borders on progressive metal with its complexity. Both of these two have potential to be with you for a few days after listening.”

“There’s no denying that this straight on hard rock/metal outfit have a lot to offer. With the right kind of backing and guidance there’s no doubt that in the shape of the Tesla like “Say Your Prayers”, which has a really strong lyric about freedom and not giving in to tyranny, or the fist punching twin guitar pyrotechnics of “Loose Cannon”, that STONECOLLAR aren’t far away from some seriously impressive stuff here. STONECOLLAR have a little work to do to really set the world on fire, but with the belief and passion that rips through their music I have no doubt that they are up for the challenge. “Trial By Fire” is an excellent first step in the right direction.”

“Together with their hard and fast old-school guitar rock sound and awesome stage presence, they are loved by the crowd. Definately go watch this band if you have the chance - they are a lotta fun!”

Tamlyn Grey - YourLMG

"STONECOLLAR live are a zesty breathe of fresh air in a staid live rock scene awash with wannabe bands and sound-alike mockrock. No amount of hype can prepare you for this band in full flight, full-frontal and live."

Jon Monsoon - reknowned SA music editor