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“The band was just cool. Incense was burning on a table between Hollon and Fomin, and it added to the jazzy atmosphere of the performance. Mike Hollon’s vocals sound weathered but clean, a hard combo to pull off. Combine that with his impressive acoustic guitar work and the foundation of Stonebelly’s sound is very strong. Bassist Yuriy Fomin complemented Hollon’s guitar playing perfectly, always seeming to have a nice little riff that fit the song.”

“Lincoln, NE music scene Video Portrait The Stonebelly song "Rising' provides the soundtrack.”

"Stonebelly ended the night with absolute control and confidence. Still riding the wave of its eclectic sophomore album, Perspectives & Perceptions, Stonebelly knows exactly who they are. Belting lyrics as if declaring war, lead vocalist Mike Hollon led the set without reservation."

"I could tell you about the effortless way Mike Hollon, of Stonebelly, played guitar and let it sing like the psychedelic flow of water"

"Wow. Stonebelly surprised me. How does a band flirt with such a broad influence and get away with it? Stonebelly does, and they do it in spades. This record is remarkably creative, beautifully executed, and has enough musical goodness jammed into it to appease anyone who digs any of the genres they pull from. They’re like a musical time capsule of awesome, and yes, you can quote me on that"

“Stonebelly is an interesting musical entity; blending all kinds of styles on the fringe of rock, this exciting band has put together a serious display of tight-skills here on Perspectives & Perceptions. Opening with a track to get this whole thing moving quickly, “Rising,” starts the album out in highlight mode. …this song sounds like both a celebration and a warm invitation from Stonebelly to all of us to join in the party.”

"There's nothing more psychedelic than living in Nebraska. Stonebelly deserve every tab of acid they gobble. Their sound incorporates everything from reggae to dead-esque jam-rock, and all of it will drag you into some very groovy rabbit holes."

"Within the first 10 minutes of walking into the Vega, the bar exploded with Stonebelly’s intense interpretation of rock music." Lincoln Calling show review

“11 Nebraska Bands You Should Listen to Now - It's their (Stonebelly's) sophomore album, Perspectives & Perceptions, that’s got everyone talking. The album feels alternatively rootsy and thrashing, homey and head-banging—after all, the guys of Stonebelly are self-proclaimed “musical sponges””

“Stonebelly comes into its own on second CD”

““Perspectives and Perceptions” is a fun and upbeat listen; it’s one that can be played on an open-road drive or around the house. In short, Stonebelly plays psychedelic rock. Sometimes the music is more rock, sometimes it’s more reggae, but the band never fails to deliver a catchy guitar riff defining each song paired with drums, bass and vocals that give a beachy, summer-time feel. They’re surfer rock but with a more punchy and faster delivery.”

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“Stonebelly, a power-trio hailing from Omaha, have created a whiplash inducing album. Each song draws from different aspects of blues, psychedelia, reggae, progressive, folk, and traditional 70's rock”

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