stomprocket / Press

“Stomprocket embodies a fast-paced and shredding mix of alt and hard rock, calling to mind Black Sabbath at some points and Thrice at others. The newly completed Beautiful Misery succeeds in melding the melodic with the extra aggressive.”

“Stomprocket's authenticity won them a top-five spot in the GarageBand Faceoff, an Internet contest for unsigned bands. StompRocket blasted its way past the 34,000-band roster, refusing cash offerings of up to $25,000 to quit the contest”

“Prepare yourselves—these guys like it loud.”

“StompRocket and Sado - The Most Talented Rock Guitarist On This Planet”

“Damn!!!! Great band!! This band is as tight as a knot”

StainOnSociety- Canada

“the bruising riffs are nicely tempered with strong and melodious vocals”

hammerizeduk- England

“StompRocket has been raising the bar for local music since they formed more than a decade ago. Their attractive sound has recently landed them first prize in the Santa Barbara City College annual Battle of the Bands”

“ive been looking for sh*t like this and i think i found the band that i really like.”

Beeatinyou- Klein, Texas

“this is a band waiting to take its place .finally some musicians worth thier spit. ”

akunan67 Manchester, New Hampshire