Stolen Airplane / Press

"Altered Life" by @stolenairplane sounds like what Thin Lizzy would've sounded like if they'd recorded for Matador in '95. Love it. #DEMO312

"Stolen Airplane is a fine example of a group that is shaping before our eyes. They have the creativity and material to shell out in high doses."

“Your Guitarist is like a Punk Rock Flavor Flav.”

Dan Doherty - From His Face

"...a number of vocal lines kind of clanged and some of the song structures were less than polished."

Richard Milne (WXRT host of Local Anesthetic) - Email

“Didn't I just see you guys last month?”

Our Wives - From Their Mouths

"...let it be said that the men of Stolen Airplane never shoot their wads too early."