Stockmashin / Press

“for what it's worth i think you're great you got your own flow so original i like it you jam!!! and that's a understatement!!!!! peace!”

The Grand Incredible O.N.E. - Reverbnation Artist

“Bro you're smashing it Great voice, great flow lovin it. Difficult to rap over someones beat and add to it. But you do it!!!”

@BreakInStyles - Twitter

“Your multisyllibilism/stacked rhyme style is executed with such precision. Some cats try, but they're trying too hard...natural”

@Dean2185 - Twitter

“Stock Big would love his cd..”

“...Stock definitely new Eminem...”

“Yo Carlos Stock Lyrics are sick big him up!”

“...Thats sh** hard and you from over seas's, dope sh**...”

“...keep up the great work. ”

Young MC

“...“He beat off thousands of other entries to win the Rock FM Rock Idol contest and we’ve had loads of requests to feature him,” said Elliott. “He’s tipped as the next Eminem so once again The Residence is getting there first.” For more information visit www.teen-angels.co.uk ”

“A night of music and dancing will raise money for charity...at Revolution Vodka Bar, off Church Street, Preston, to raise funds for the Love Africa charity. Artistes include Stock, named as Rock FM's Rock Idol and who recently performed at Ewood Park...”

“Teen club nights are going down a storm, says owner Elliott... Hotly tipped rapper Stockmashin was the second session’s guest... ”

“The competition was tough but they eventually chose two winners to go forward; Harry Mondryk who is 11 years old and Stock - a cornet playing MC...”