JMC / Press

“you tight, i straight love yo music boy!”


“man... J. you got so much music dog... you gone' have to get you a hard drive. yo', i mean like yo' own box to keep all yo' songs in. it like 300 something here, you gone' make the computer crash”

POOKiE of hipnohop meuzyk

“out of all my artist, he the only emcee that thats been consistent. i mean like, i work with 12 other nigga and out of all of em' JMC like "yo t, i need some new beats. i done wrote to the ones you gave me already." i love that shit dog, cause thats making me a better producer. i gotta keep coming up with new shit to try to keep up with this nigga.”

T-Meeks of FLYY TEAM instros

“it never stops!”