Still Unknown / Press

“We cant believe we are hearing such mature music from such a young band "Take a walk with the Devil" reminds me of a Metal alternative version of The Smiths. We are watching you! ”

Bad Action - Reverbnation

“The spine tingling intro on "Take A Walk With The Devil", kept me glued to the headphones. Like a junkie with an addiction, my mind was saying,"FEED ME MORE". So, I kept listening.”

Lost Generation - Reverbnation

“TEENAGE band Still Unknown, featuring Gemma Mellor, James Dewhurst, Matt Jenkinson, Elliott Mills and Connor Ashton, continue their spiral of success. ”

“Still Unknown an alternative rock band, who kick against the dredge of pub covers bands. These 15 year olds are the future of rock music and set to be Truly Known; we'll be able to say we knew them from the start.”

“Tracks like 'Take a Walk with the Devil' find the lads creating an adrenalin-fuelled powerhouse of sound full of blistering guitars and driving rhythms that serves as a perfect backdrop to Gemma’s soaring, confident vocal.”

“Still Unknown but not for long if the predictions prove right. That's the five-strong band of teenage students who love music and are mad keen on creating it.”

Brian Gomm - Leigh Journal

“With a flare for crafting edgy, pulsating hard rock gems executed with a musical maturity that belies their formative years, Still Unknown are quickly developing a reputation as ones to watch.”