Still Moon Servants / Press

“Still Moon Servants, featuring former members of Stone City, offer a brand of classic rock that should appeal to those over 50 who have extensive vinyl collections as well as those under 35 who are into the White Stripes...”

“Great band! If Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr and the Allman brothers splashed their sonic DNA into a petri dish, this three piece dynamo would result. Great riff, great energy and cool tunes. Check them out!”

Lennon UK

“This is one of the most gifted bands I have heard. I mean truly star quality. You have a very long and successful career ahead of you.”

Michael Riley, In The Upper Room TV

"...from the ashes of Stone City emerges the Still Moon Servants, who played with a newfound energy to go with their new name."

Spark Magazine

“LOCAL BAND BRANCHING OUT! Shhh! Word is that Spark Summer Music Series alumni Still Moon Servants have been meeting with executives from Interscope Records in Nashville. Wish them luck and check ‘em out at myspace.com/StillMoonServants.”

Spark Magazine

“Totally dig the vibe from this band..! Dan just went off all night with tasteful, melodic riffs and solos. Especially Born on the Bayou, Rebel Rebel, Cortez & the originals. I'd like to see you guys in a place where you can really crank it up!”