StillFear / Press

"...really dig your music. WAY BETTER LIVE! Heavy and a lot of melody, I love it"

Three Up Two Down

"You kick serious ass!!"


"Needed more good music!"

Dark Daze

"Very Awesome!"



Three Up Two Down

"StillFear" has something going here. Talk about a band with a fresh sound! Most bands can't pull off different without making it sound bad. These guys are able to do it and make it sound damn good! - Great music guys."

Eric Morris - musician

"Uncommon and quite original... old school feel with new school groove. BADASS!!"

Deaths Device

"Very good solid songs!!!"

Chained And Desperate

"Love the sounds... Very, very cool!"

Scent of Remains



"You guys are sweet! Super raw..."

Anatomy of a Predator

"Very Cool!"

Skull King


Roses For Grace

"If you like metal and haven't heard these guys you really need to check 'em out. They put so much energy into their music... you won't be disappointed."

Sondra Thornton - 'StillFear' fan

"Really,really, really kick ass sounds."

Cole Cutsforth - guitarist - BoozeDevil

"I love your music! StillFear has pushed me on through hard times and motivated me to be great... honestly StillFear is one of my favorites..."

Mathew Emerson - 'StillFear' fan

"Always a crowd pleaser! The guitarist shreds like no other in Central Oregon, the bass player rocks, the drummer could be playing for Dream Theater..."

Oscar Vessel - 'StillFear' fan

"Best rock band in central Oregon!!! Period!!! Their live shows always bring down the house!!!"

Gregory Mikkelson - 'StillFear' fan