Stiff Spirit / Press

"[A] monumental record that could shape the future in a new era of Seattle grunge." "A Band named Stiff Spirit has just recently burst onto the Seattle music scene with a killer new record “Just Say Ya Hate It” . They bring a brand of music that can best be described as dirty, raw rock and roll. Their sound is distinctively edgy and reminiscent of the once classic sound described only as Seattle grunge. The record has shades of Nirvana throughout with its dirty guitars and tight, gritty sound.... The first track and album title “Just Say Ya Hate It” delivers a pure grunge fed lead guitar and a vigorous chorus that literally sings the praises of Seattle’s most notable musicians of the 90's.... The album was influenced greatly by personal loss and the lyric of this last track is proof that music that is based on emotion is music with meaning."

“The very core of rock n' roll yanked from it's chest and presented in all of its bloody, chunk-covered glory.”

"In a world where even creativity is standardized and sterilized your music comes breaking the door in and lifts the old queen's skirt to let them know how it's like to be genuine! Good work!"

“If I was a dude, I would get a boner everytime I listened to your music. As is, I'll just keep a spare pair of underwear on me. Bahahahahahaha!!! LOVE IT!!!! So fucking, fucking, fucking, FUCKING, amazing!!!”

“Stiff Spirit is an original (and quite interesting) blend of The Stones, The Clash and Nirvana. It's unusual to find a true hybrid that is reflective of the Sounds Like section. Seriously prolific, Stiff Spirit has its middle finger standing upright at full attention, warranting ours. Well done.”

“Love the voice, the guitar, the general punk feeling. It's bands like this that replenish any lost hope in music that the industry has sucked out of us. Keepin it real guys. You rock!”

"Holy lord, what musical deliciousness did I stumble upon here tonight!?! Your sound is bloody brilliant! It's rock, it's roll, it's raw, it's honest, it's in your face screaming at you to "get off the couch and lose your sh*t!" I LOVE IT!!! I immediately went in search of the download button but alas, I'll simply share it on my facebook page for others to get their fangs into your sound! You've GOT it, a musical virtuoso!!! I hope to catch a live show when i'm on the open road next year! -Stay creative- Much love and respect from a new Australian fan!"

"Killer tracks! Loud, raw, unapologetic! Makes me realize how old and mellow I've gotten. Thanks for the reminder that music can be fierce!!"

"EPIC...this is The Stooges...this is The MC5...this is pure ROCK n ROLL as it should be. Loud, raw, and fucken BRILLIANT."

"If I bob my head any harder, my coworkers will think I have epilepsy. Keep up the great work!"

"Lots of music on RN, but this is definitely the WHOLE package. Keep it stiff!"

"There is really a Seattle's sound. Is it in the blood, in the air or something ? :)"

"Just Say Ya Hate It is the coolest song I've heard from a Reverbnation Artist to date. You just big time inspired me to keep on keeping on. Love it man"

"Killer tunes energetic no holds barred leaving nothing in the locker room raw straight out rock that's the way we like it!!!!"

"Yall have the talent 2 headline 4 the stones!"

"Won't Let Me In just straight up kills it man. As does A Pair Of Shoes that comes right after it, as does every song I've listened to on this page. Bro, the Sky is the limit for this material here. You should be front cover Rolling Stone!"

"I freaking love every one of your songs!"

“Out having fun is dynamite... Stones via Replacements and NY Dolls, a great swaggering swarthy mix.”

"Hey, we FUCKING love your band! Wicked and really raw! Do you want to release an album on our label?"

“Wow..this is some rockin' material...thanks for letting me on on the secret :-) Happy Holidays...you make me smile and that's a huge present for me.”

"WoW!!! "Just say ya hate it" ROCKS!!!! Raw is right and very cool!!!!!!"

"Listening to your stuff is pure, unadulterated, fist-pumping, foot-stomping, head bobbing great fun - love it!"

"You don't take any prisoners do you! - As soon as you think "this is a rocker" it shifts up another gear - great stuff - and thanks for supporting me. Happy Christmas, Chris"

"Those vocals are to die for. Killer songs. Love it!!!'

"Rock and roll lives !!!! All the melodies of 60's bubble gum - the lyrics of the Ramones- and the guitars of the Rolling Stones. Born again to rule the world."

"I went all the way down to the awesome PUNK. You have captured the pure energy of The Ramones here. Its bloody brilliant. I have many to comment on so, I'll be back...as the man said."

“In the tradition of great Seattle Rock. Love this, Iggy Pop meets 2013. Yea!”

"Great shit. Like the Stones on meth... Badass..."

“Gutsy RAW Spirited TALENT”

"Loving your tracks. I hear The Velvet's, Stones, the Clash, but you still kind of have you own sound as well."

"Unique, bizarre, upsetting, raw, insightful, disgusting and brilliant. I think we've hit them all. Great songs!"

“Now that's what I call rock and roll!”

“Sweaty gritty fun here, got some Jagger swagger goin' on. Good songwriting under the crunch, nice work.”

“Q: If you put The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa and Iggy Pop in a blender and turn it on "high", whaddaya get ? A: Stiff Spirit! Awesome. Ya'll Rock.”

"Pure, primal and unfiltered powerful rock! I dug it!"

“Shamelessly spirited. You don't suck, and hate ain't in my vocabulary. ;) I find you Avant guard and witty as fuck! Oh yeah.”

"I just got done listening to your songs. I love the raw rock n' roll sound. It has a cool Mudhoney feel to it."

"1 word... wow!!"

"Tonights song is "Comin Up Aces" Fantastic Clash influence here. Folks if your reading this PLEASE check out ALL this mans music."

"Every Song on this damn page is just off the chains bad ass."

"Perfect raw rock n roll! Keepin' Seattle lively!"

"You have so much talent!"

"Glad I stopped by for another dose of Stiff Spirit. There is a very vibrant light shining through your darkness...exciting, energetic, and inspiring."

“Wow, you guys have a shit-ton of songs! Keep it up, sounds just like Nirvana and the Stones!”

"Ok, this is simply kick in your teeth rock n roll. Keep it up cause it's nice to hear good old hard rock!!!"

"Stiff Spirit is breathing life back into Rock n Roll! Terrific tunes and loads of energy."

"Just say ya hate it….spinning it now..Gotta say Keef would be proud of that guitar work…rocking and I love it."

“ur music is unbelievable--u kick ass--I've been telling all my friends with taste to listen to u guys ~~~ When u guys r huge I can say"I know them" thnx for injecting life into music again!!”

The Beautiful Elaine Kropas - Music Critic - a woMAN OF WEALTH & (musical) TASTE!

“I mean really.....Our Word For Today Boys and Girls is..... Can You Say "ARTISTAIN" Friggin Awesome Songs !! Great Work:)”

"Pure raw unpolished Rock out of Seattle!11111111"

"wow talk about wearing your heart on your sleave. Strong emotions and pure raw rock and roll vibe in your music very unique best wishes ,lisa"

“Finaly someone knows how to make real punk rock again after 30 years.”

"Man, these tunes are killing...slayin...so badass that your songs tore my speakers..."

“Wicked sweet music!!! "Devil May Care" reminds me of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, very cool!!!! Never Let It Die!!!”

"A lot of great bands come from seattle and you guys are definitely one of them! Awesome sound and raw energy. Much love and respect from Richmond VA!!!!!"

“I just listened to " Just say You hate it! " Well I love it! If this isn' Mick & Keith what is!!!”

“I absolutely Love everything about Stiff Spirit:)”

"Awesome! You are rocking it well, Great energy, love that dirty rock guitar sound. Really reminds me of The Rolling Stones, Dig it!"

"Your shits raw as fuck....... Dirty Rock&Roll just how we like it!"

"I listened to your stuff and I really like it! April's Fool is incredible."

“...nice grunge sound. almost a white stripes kind of sound”

“Holy shit, I'm loving this! It's like the resurrection of Stiv Bators. Stay nasty!”

"Tell ya what, you remind more of the great stuff Rod Stewart put out early in his career...when he still sang kick ass rock and was in your face. Not saying your dated here or something . . . saying it's just great rock n roll brother!!!!! The world needs more of this."

"Holy shit! Raw-Sexy-Dirty-Fun=Rock-n-Roll - says it all and contains no lyes! Love the energy!!!"

"LOVIN Ur music; absolutelt blistering, pulsating Guitar riffs & stadium stomping Rock n Roll anthems with a cool Old School 60s/70s Blues Rock feel very similar to early Rolling Stones, & touch of T-Rex! :) The slight distortion on vocals also works well! I also like the slightly 'risque' tongue in cheek sexy vibe to Ur lyrics; I espesh enjoyed "Angel Sings the Blues" & "Seattle Sex Drug" but think they're all instant hits!"

"Excellent 100% pure ROCK N ROLL!"

"Dirty as the Pistols, Groofe like the Stones, just right for a rock and roll party! Keep it up and the rock will never die. All the best from Germany :-)"

"Super raw, the stones would be jealous!"

"Diggin on Stiff Spirit right now!! Old school, Down and Dirty Rock n Roll! Love it!"

"I can definitely hear the Rolling Stones influence in Seattle Sex Drug. The riff is positively Richards-esque."

“wicked tight, hard-focused fury in the thrilling killing distorted wall of guitars tearing into raw rock n roll riffs and throat-rupturing vocals. Can really hear the Dead Kennedys reference in there...really got into "you're just right". Tasty tunes bro!”

“Again, I don't know sometimes how to describe your sound (aside from what rock and roll should sound like....) it's like a familiar mix of all my fave bands, yet you have your own unique sound. Now that sounds ridiculous when I read it back, but accurate....ohhh idk, just love ya!!!”

“I dig your stuff...vocals kinda remind me of Keith Morris early Circle Jerks. This is my roots music! T.”

"Wow....I hear the stones...red hot chili peppers...sex pistols...Keep On Rockin' In the Free World...."

"You Guys are great! You totally got a Rollen Stones sound! You kinda remind me of Beck too!"

"I've been listening to 'Seattle Sex Drug' tonight. A lot. It's cool beyond belief. Nice one."

"I just listened to the "live" Desperfuckination and damn, that was simply badass. Got that vaguely NW kinda sound but it's like it grew three sets of balls and told me to fuck myself."

"Funny, as I was listening to you I thought he sounds so much like Kurt C. then I read "About" section :)"

"Your voice is killer — it mimics the growl of a punk guitar. I love this raw sound. Your expressed lyrics are incredibly witty. I dig what I'm hearin' — rock on!"

"I really dig what you're doing! I get the same crazy vibe from the Cramps, the exception being that you are a better musician! Rock on and let me know if I can do anything for you!"

"Your music makes me happy :o)"

"I listened to a bunch of ya'lls stuff and I dig it. I like the whole vibe of your stuff. It's not over-produced, you have the heavy distortion and don't-give-a-damn vibe, and it's real rock n roll sounding. Has a vibe like "The Clash" in a cool sort of way. "Little Pearls" was probably my favorite because it's like you combined a little blues with grunge and punk attitude. You don't get that very often. Anyway - I dig it. :)"

"Love the true to yourself, don't give a F sound!'

"Saaaweet!! Rockit fully fueled!! Slamming good sound!"

“really digging "american sucker" & "angel sings the blues" loving the pure raw rock sound - freakin' brilliant! ..... just gotta be a Stiff Spirit fan, love it! :-)”

"Stones/Nirvana can't miss. Rock on, my state brothers!!!!"

"Look out Iggy Pop here comes... Stiff Spirit! I Hate it!!! "

“Raw energy indeed. Very brown sugarish. Love your ready steady go approach. You rock!”

"Love it. Its like The Cramps and GG Allin!"

"Today i have been turning up the volume on ur song ‘Little Pearls" niiiice guitar tone, 16 seconds in n we have lift off way down to Mexico, you have an awesome gravelly voice. Rawk my world this song rawks on gasoline C'mon, fill er up ♪(^_^)♪ *thanks for rawkin my world *awesome*

“Comin' Up Aces made me shit-grin in just a few seconds. Love the wall of sound intro and the rest of it, too.”

"I'm enjoying your powerful, optimistic, refreshingly and wonderful Rock "N" Roll music. All the best!"

"Just Say Ya Hate It - Shit. I love this song, lofi rocking balls to the wall! nanananananan! 'Know I'm in for a hell of fight!'"

"Hello, "the makeup" sounds definitely like eddie vedder and mick jagger. you have syle! it's a funny and wild mix on your page. like it! go on and be happy! sven"

“You've got VOCALS like AWOLNATION and a funky groove like WHITE STRIPES.”

"Angel Sings the Blues" ! Oh Yea ! Rock On!"

"I like your Stones/The Hives rock n roll sound :-)"

“Whoa- "Ain't Dead Yet" is my new anthem!”

"Hey thanks guys, really like your raw sound, reminds me of legenday Aussie band the Saints..."

"Just Say Ya Hate It" Cool Fucking Tune!!!"

""The Make Up" great lyrics. Sort of Rolling Stones meets John Prine."

“After hearing tunes like 'Seattle Sex Drug', 'Ain't Dead Yet', and 'It's Bullshit to Quit', I wanna go BURN ALL THE LIARS that say Punk is dead! Keep doing your thing!”

"Wonder sound. I like this."

"Great stuff here! Stiff Spirit kicks ass!"

"You can really hear the Rolling Stones in your songs. Enjoyed the songs. Very real."

"Good old fashioned, angst-ridden rock and roll. Lots of 70's style punk to go around here...GREAT F'N STUFF!!"

"Right on - Keeping the Seattle spirit alive!"

“You're Just Right is really awesome!!! you remind me of rock band The Vines! you have a very grungy feel at the same time combined with straight up rock and roll..keep it up! :)”

"I dig the vocals on Just Say Ya Hate It! reminds me of The Sonics and all of us gruffy singers need to stick together, cuz we are never winning American Idol! hahahahaha"

"Great stuff here! Stiff Spirit kicks ass!"

"Super unique, au natural! Loving your music... burning the house down with alcohol is a gas!"

"Listening to Seattle Sex Drug - has a great throwback-to-when-rock-n-roll-was-good kind of feel. Keep on!"

"The one I really appreciate is Seattle Sex Drug, it has a great old sound, like the Rolling Stones!"

""A Pair of shoes" setting my MAC on fire this morning! Great in your face rock!"

"I like Seattle Sex Drug, proper rock and roll! Great stuff mate."

"Loving Angel Sings The Blues! It's Awesome!!!"

"I love your sound. It's good to get a chance to listen to good garage punk-rock"

"Love your vibe! Rock n Funckin Roll!"

"Love "won't let me in" x"

"Seattle Sex drug is a smokin' hot track."

"You have such an awesome raw energy in your songs!!"

"Fantastic classic rock vibe here. Love that rollin' and tumblin' feel."

"Awesome tracks. sweet breakdowns and killer tones. Pure rock n roll. Glad to be friends"

"Loving your stuff. I think "Runnin Hot" is my fav at the moment - sort of like the Black Crowes on Speed!"

"Digigin''junkie train'....and Seattle sex drugs.....dig the raw vocals and guitar.....and I love the 'stones' influence...!"

"Just say you hate it is one awesome track!!"

"Just Say Ya Hate It!!! Rockin' Tune!!"

"fantastic angel sings the blues...right on!!!! SOnia :D"

"These guys are just cool they've got that classic rockers vibe going on - I want to be at a rehearsal with my axe!"

"Great stuff here - diggin' your energy!"

"Punk rock, yeah man!!"

"ANGEL SINGS THE BLUES, Raw rock'nroll, I LOVE it \m/ :-) \m/ Great lyrics too! Keep rocking. I can hear The Stones influence guys. Great job!"

"back again to support your music and listen to liitle pearls and your rocking tracks best wishes , lisa"

"Awesome Sound................... The first track is just awesome Love From India...................."

“Wow...reminds me of the Kinks, Mott The Hoople.....Great Work!”

"dropping by to get my fix :)"

"Back to listen to Just Say Ya Hate It - excellent rockin sound and track!"

"Great tunes! I can definitely hear the Stones influence."

"Excellent work! Seriously digging your style! Wishing you all the best in everything that you do. :o)"

"I lived in Seattle for a year, '96-'97. i hear it in your music."


"Being from LA, now I'm conflicted. :) Hear the Stones influences. In fact, your playlist is longer than theirs. But you are very, very interesting. NICE! Keep drinking the coffee! Charlie"

"Desperfuckination makes me nod my head"

"Keep these delicious songs coming. Maybe we will play with you in Seattle , or Oakland!!!!"

"Cool style. Listening to "Just say you hate it" Kind of reminds me The NY Dolls/Heartbreaker. Really dig it!"

"Cool tracks.. new stuff here.. keep on rockin"

"Hard core punk - rock on!"

"...real stuff,here- unique !! cheers BF"

"Back for another listen to your great sound. China Town today. Cheers!"

"played a bunch once again, and once again, glad I did."

"back for morf :)"

"Little Pearls is a great song, don't stop doing what you love most"

"saaaweeeet stuuff!"

"I love all of your music influences. I have a song that you might like that was inspired by some of your favorite bands. My song is called Frozen Tree and I was so mused by the band Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots when I wrote and recorded it. Your title track is as real as rock gets. Love your style and sound. I hope you have a great day with inspiration and many blessings. ~Eric"

"Starting the week off with your fantastic music!!!"

"Rocked my world in Minneapolis.......Charles."

"Your songs kick ass! Rock On!"

"Very much enjoying your wonderful raw sound and your vocals especially. I'm thankful to be living out my life in the northwest."

"Awesome, dirty, in-your-face, punk rock, I love it."

"Very Cool!!!!!!! Keep it Rockin!!!!!!!!! xxxxx"

"It's great to drop again by your page and listen your fresh dirty tracks!"

""Little pearls" is a really great track. Keep up the good work."

"This rocks so hard.I love it. +_+"

"Raw and hard! I love it! Keep it up!

"Nice authentic sound with an edge to it! Great rhythms, Angel Sings the Blues was fav Best of luck in the future, Thanks Rick W"

"Rock and Roll amazing. I love it."

"Awesome stuff!....."

"Hot -n- Taut. Very sexy!"

"Great original sound. We would love to play with you as well. Cheers!"

"I like what you're doing up in Seattle! Keep it real!"

"Checked out your stuff of Reverbnation as well, pretty cool! Got the roots rock thing going on with attitude kind of like early Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Rock on!"

"Sick tunes dudes! Rocking vibes! keep up the good work!"

"April's Fool is awesome. Powerful music! A real Game changer!"

"Your music rocks - great original style and vocals!"

"Great tunes wont let me in awesome unique vocals nice tone in voice and vibe with band great luck with all guys"

"Came back for some more raw, real rock. You guys are friggin awesome. Cheers! Mary"

"Enjoying "Wont Let Me In" Classics keep it up!!!!!! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKING"

"Playing APRIL'S FOOL right now. Cool track! Your NY fan, ZERENA :)"

"Original, unique sound! Love it..."

"This is super dirty cool- Dig it!"

"This is what I love."

"My kind of rock - party rock!"

"Loving the raw grunge sounds man!! Shouts out from Scotland - Peace."

"Hey buddy, you piss me off, why don't you fuck off and die?" Really feeling Truce With The Devil. Rock on!"

"Digging "Seattle Sex Drug" Good ole rock n' roll."

"Nice! Dirty, raw, and rocking!"

"Rockin to Seattle Sex love your voice !!"

"Hi Stiff Spirit! Checking out more of your tunes. I like your rough grungy sound in Seattle Sex Drug."

"Very cool my new friend, just listened , I'm diggin it! Very retro NYC...great.."

"Hot-N-Taut is rockin raw emotion."

"I like classic rock vibe then with the NiN twist with the punk type chorus. Like it!"

"Rock n Roll babies!"

"Cool tunes... U can really hear the punk/grunge/rock influences ! Right on!"

"Love the vocals, A true original rock an roll voice here, Awesome original tunes as well!"

"I am loving the tunes man- "Won't Let Me In" is AWESOME!!!!!"

"Devil May Care Rocks! Great tracks here. Cheers!"

"Wow! I love your vocals and the beats! Amazing Talent!! I like !!! Kisses from Brazil!"

"Wanted to let you know you have some very amazing music!"

"Your songs are so, so good! :D"

"China Town is very, very good! Keep Rock & Rollin' buddy! :)

"Seattle Sex Drug is rad song! Nice catalog to - I look forward to listening to more of your songs."

"I really enjoyed your stuff - ESPECIALLY Angel sings the blues !!!! Take it easy dude!"

"Damn tasty tunes. Thanks for keepin' it alive!"

"I really like your powerful shots, just rock'n'roll, some of punk & post punk, fresh & libertine spirit. Rock on!"

"I dig what you guys are doing. You'll have to come play in the long lost Omaha some day."

"Wow, love your tunes. Very rock! Like it was. and how it should be. Aggressive at times, but that got my attention. Loads of Energy!"

"You guys got it goin on. Great melodies and still capture the aura of GREAT ROCK."

"You remind me of Eagles of Death Metal. Fun!"

"Really enjoyed your tracks..Runnin Hot & Won't Let Me In..great tunes and vocals and guitar work..great sound and well done tunes.."

"Good rock music guys!!! There needs to be more of this music out there!!!"

"Love Angel Sings the Blues!!!!

"KILLER SLEEEEZE!!! Hit us up if you're ever in austin."

"LETS GET BENT ...such a cool song!"

"I dig your sound, it's got that old school punk sounds... "

"Wow- your music reminds me of the punk/rock scene I grew up with in DC."

"We like your rock'n roll garage , it sounds like bands on Voodoo Rhythm records ;) "

"I listened to Coming Up Aces. Great energy and punk ethic!"

"You remind me a lot of my early days in Punk bands, great raw sound :-)"

"Great rock music, just say I love it ! greetings from France. val:)"

"I listened to your stuff and dug it, too. I love lo fi, raw, straight forward rock 'n roll."

"Ah, this old Seattle sound - love it! Greet pearl jam and the other boys, when you meet them. Love your stuff! seligen."

"Love your no bullshit style. Easy to listen to!"

"You have a wicked vintage punk vibe, that brings back some good old memories man. Awesome name too, well done!"

"Your shit's tight wish we had bands like you in rochester to play with."

"The title "seattle sex drug" says nearly everything - you are pure rock'n'roll!"

"I'm diggin your sound man. You don't hear too many original bands down this way like you."

"Man,I love your raw,in your face,old Skool,Sex pistol,Romones,Clash vibe!!! Keep it Raw.........from the road!!!"

"Your garage music stuff is hits me back. Simply Amazing!"

"We're liking that crazy grit-rock sound you got going on."

"I hope all is rockin' sweetly out there in Seattle. Love not just the songs, (--NICE vocal on Seattle Sex) but the Stiff Spirit attitude - As we say down here - 'THAT'S what's up'."

"Cheers to one of Seattle's finest!!"

"Real rock and roll ...seattle sex drug."

"Unusual work here, really rocking!!"

"Real Raw Rock n Roll stuff right here.. Stiff Spirit is unique and talented man.. no gimmicks."

"I'm banging my head with your songs like nobody cares! Awesome, Very Catchy.. Makes me happy! XD Can't describe the love of your song! truly indescribable. Awesomee!"

"Just finished Little Pearls and listening to Desperfuckination. Sounds like a name we should have come up with. I think I'll hit play all and clean my house to your sweetness. Love...Fruit"

"Thanks for listening, man! I really dig your tunes, that don't happen that much! Real raw, nice. I know your area, I'm a fucking Geoduck!! Enjoy your world!!"

"This is what I like, let it all hang out pure rock n roll!!"

"that's some sick shit. Fuckin hot and raw. all the best!"

"Yeeeeeah!!! you blow heads up !!! \m/ Keep rocking!!"

"the make up..real lyrics and dirty feel...cheers!"

"I love it man it is a very good style! you guys have a future."

"Desperfuckination"...creative & catchy!!! We're feein it."

"Its just Fun! here! yeah,, I may be, soo talented blah,, blah.. But I know what fun is(:* Gimme some mo! Krayg out..."

"Desperfuckination!! fantastic song!! lovin the energy."

"Cool stuff man good job feels like classic AC/DC"

"Here is a band that can do it with or without production.... Rock n roll in it's pure form."

"I fuckin love your music too by the way. Its fuckin raw rock n roll man. Keep it up"

"'just say ya hate it' is totally rollin me."

"You will soon be #1 in Seattle! Fearless vibe!"

"Rock 'N' Roll like it should be! Love it."

"You guys are freakin awesome! Radar :)"

"gawd, I love your sound... I want to see this live!"

"Oh man! You have a new fan... I'm digging the punk vibe and energy. Instantly catchy and love the raw emotion. Great stuff guys! Lon from The Space Sharks

"Hey !!!!....WILD CHILD..!!!!...Keep rollin'..."

"You gotta some really Raw energy in your music here- Honest Straight-edge Rock. Keep Rock'in man !"

"Wicked wild tunes you have there, man. diggin' the Seattle Sex Drug sound! Peace"

"Lovin' the groove, especially Little Pearl and A Pair of Shoes. Keep up the great work!"

"Rockin it! Got that Seattle DNA! All the best to you from your Bro's in San Diego (Dirty Rythym Show) Loud n Proud!"

"Dig the dirty, punk-rock vibes!"

"enjoyed yer punk rawk'en'role, PEACE and best vibes sent your way."

"This is what Rock 'n' Roll is supposed to be like. Raw, dirty and mean. Fantastic stuff!"

"Itz crazy, but U guyz really DO sound like those guyz U said U sound like!!! Sweet. I love roll-n-roll. Put another dime N the jukebox, baby!! I wanna roll-n-roll all nite, N party every day!!! Itz been a long time since we rock-n-rollD!! Keep ROCKN u's guyz!!!"

“Mick jagger would smile here!!! AWESOME STUFF !!!! U SOUND JUST GREATTTTTT!!!! ”

“Your are hot and you ROCK..my speakers got crazy when listening to your China Town:)) ROCK ON!!! ”

"Lets get bent" is pure madness LOVE IT

“Sounds like early AC/DC with Bonn Scott! Keep rippin' it up!!!”

“Little Pearls was cookin!”

“Love the raw energy!”

“Angel sings The Blues on my play list tonight. Rocking guys.”

“Rockin' with Hot-n-Taut!!!”

“...I love your sound. Comin Up Aces is SLAMMIN! Keep it up! GOD BLESS! ”

“Outstanding Sound Catchy & Truly Rocking Tunes Here Support Stiff Spirit From Rodmac !! Godbless Ur Music Guys Talented & Raw Rocking Classics Here on Ur Page !!!”

“Desperfuckination...says IT ALL! Thanks for sharing that zest!”

“I am now a rock fan... you just let it all hang out there..much respect for that!!!”

“You guys remind me so much of Social Distortion.... I don't even know why. There aren't enough bands like you out there.”

“I have listened to some of your music. Now I am a fan. I dig your vibe... Your cool Bob Dylan/Sex Pistols voice ... Rolling Stones meets Nivana cool.... All the best to you! Cheers,”

“Fu#king awesome !”

“hotter than hell is a cool mad track I like it, reminds me of beastie boys.. nice work man :)”

“You got a really unique style with cool overtones of familiarity!”

“Cool, sounds like the Stones before they lost their nuts.”

“Loving Little Pearls!!!!”

“This is the kind of rock and roll I like!!!”

“Very Kinks, Ramones-ish, really "in your face, just try and ignore me." Love the attitude.”

“Hey!... you got the genre right... Love the way you rock it out!”

“Too bad your in wa. in 2013. 'cause your sound is Boston in 1979!”

“Wow,Grunge is truly alive and kicking.You look great live too.”

“Just say ya hate it. Great track!!!”

“Love the insane vocals on "A Pair of Shoes" :)”

“Love the raw rock n' roll sound, keepin rock alive!”

“Burnin' the House guys!!!”

“This is like...mmmm.....hmmmm...???? Awesome!!!!!”

“I am having serious fun listening to this, the best left-field shoebox garage rock since Darcy Clay”

“I'm loving the listening experience! Out Havin Fun rocks. :) Cheers from Down Under, Andrew.”

“Raw as hell! Dig it!”

“Like the song Out Having Fun.”

“Lovin your track"Out having Fun"Nice .Stay blessed.Kalimba Master.”

“Burning the house with Alcohol is ruff as fuggg!!! No doubt C U @ da TOP!!”

“Thank you:-) Shades of Iggy Pop, I dig it! peace -Ghezzi”

“Can you ever hear the Stones influence in Devil may care and Angel Sings the Blues!!! Killer Tracks!”

“You are HOT! And "Hotter than Hell" is really HOT! Go! Go!”

“Good Sound and Vibe here. Kinda Beastie Boys sounding. Played all the front page today. My pick: Hotter Than Hell. Keep it up...............Tony”

“Great songs. "Desperfuckination" and "Seattle Sex Drug" are awesome tracks.”

“Keeping it raw! Love the combination of The Stones & Mudhoney sounds...”

“Great variety of song styles...dug the drums...also got a Stones sound goin on too...Right on!! Cheers!!”

“This is fucking rock and roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll! keep the flame buuuuuuuuuurning! thanks for rocking that way!”

“Kurt would be proud you are coming out of Seattle! I loved them soo much I have a black cat named Nirvana! "Seattle sex drug" is a perfect showcase of your massive talent! Much Love xoxo”

“Like the sound of your band.reminds me of mudhoney :)”

“I liked Seattle Sex Drug!”

“Believe it or not you have me smiling and that ain't no easy task. American Sucker is classic ... obviously.”

“You guys are really good. I love what you're doing with rock, bring it back gentlemen. Fantastic work.”


“This really is some Raw, Sexy, Dirt Fun Rock N Roll! Hell Yeah, cheers to that!”

“Way cool, reminds of original Humble Pie only more raw and more dirty - way more.”

“Yes! This is awesome. These guys are the Ween of Grunge rock! Burn All The Liars is freaking amazing. Love that kind of New York Dolls feel on "Angel Sing the Blues".”

“April's Fool***cool joint man, reminds me of mid 90's rock, $hit im down for bringing it back!”

“Great Stuff! Ya'll rock F**kin hard!”

“Bonjour Ah ! Oui !! Drirect la puissance est là!!. Ain't Dead Yet et Drinking Queen sont excellents !! J 'ai bien aimé aussi l' instrumental de 'jumping jack flash' des Stones . Vous comptez parmi mes meilleurs profils !! Bravo !!! Yeahh(De Paris)”

“Hell yeah... stay pissed off and keep rockin' these bad-ass jams!”

“Hell yeah!!!!”

"Hate" hurts so good! Burn one for me.

“Now this is original! great visionary stuff. Love the honesty!!!!”

“I'm likin' this a whole lot! Right up our fuckin' alley! Like everything bout it, Vocs, lyrics,structure, and that Dirty Rock n Roll sound (Not everyone can get the sound) Ya'll Keep this up!”

“Great authentic Sound and Quirky lyrics with a true sense of the word "Fun". "Burn All The Liars" is True Punk Personified.”

“Loving your music tonight, love the realness in your vocals, I don't know, you kind of remind me of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana, really cool vibe.”

“Man you are just not right and I mean that in the kindest way lol. Keep cranking them out...LONG LIVE ROCK!!!”

"Seattle Sex Drug has got a ton of attitude. It's a type of punk I've never heard!"

“SeattleSexDrug so early stones like. Love it. Raw in Runnin Hot. The music that is so real you wake with a black eye and don't mind it one bit. Rock on!”

“The core of rock n roll is this!!!”

“Fucking Brilliant Music! I Get It,Everyone Should! Haven't Enjoyed New Music Like this since Iggy &The New York Dolls!.....”


“Hell yes reminds me of iggy and the stooges.”

“This is some pure adrenaline! Great emotional energy displayed!”

“just say you hate it, i don't, i fucking love it!!!”

“Alittle Cocaine on the Whiskey Train! Fabulous work. Can really hear the Stones influence.”

“wow, i like your voice...I hear alot of Bon Scott in it. Listened to them all...”

“The Stones and Clash together. Cool!”

“~~I listened to your tunes...i like your style. I am a big fan of Nirvana, Pixies, Blur, Violent Fems. Keep up the great work! ”

“You all have a good mix of style im hear green day/ nirvana with uk style good comb over all very good music.”

"I liked your song!"

Jack Endino - Facebook

“Is that an original, or a Nirvana cover...totally sounds like vintage Nirvana!”

A Man Called Sun - Band to Band Contact

“Great tunes, raw like sex pistols great, peace all my best.”

Edgemour - RN

“I checked out a couple of your songs, it definitely has that raw Nirvana sound.”

“Suicide Tonight is deep stuff, keep it up!”

“Awesome Raunchy Rock'n Roll,blended the Clash and The Sex pistols together awesome work!”