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“One thing I can say for Sticky Digit is they know how to deliver a mean guitar riff...their music is raw, dirty, loud and full of angst. They have a solid sound which they deliver really well, every single track on this album demands your attention and warrants a serious mosh pit. Verdict 5/6”

“These guys have the goods to make a serious dent in the music scene. With great riffs, serious attention to songwriting, fabulous harmonized vocals and a well produced, great sounding debut album on their hands, Sticky Digit are ready for world domination.”

Ear munchies

“A raw and hyper dynamic trio with character and originality”

Stoner & more

"Bad Things" and "Oxygenoestrogen" are two no-nonsense stone and roll shit-kickers that showcase the band in their purest light.

the paranoid music blog

"The song 'Don't Wanna Know' is totally awesome... I love the vocal melodies and harmonies... They are fantastic. Really! Killer song's" - Ivan DePrume (White Zombie/Healer)

Ivan DePrume - debut album