Stevo So Evol / Press

“My favorite song by you is high school crush. I love that song!!!!! you are a really great artist!”

Britni Keaton - Stevolve Productions

“My favorite song of his is touch in stars because he talks about how you should always follow your dreams and that you are the only you can make your self succeed and I like how this song is in inspirational no matter how old you are”

Makenzie Wooldridge - Facebook

“I know that it has been a while but I am only working on the best music for the fans! They can expect a new mixtape coming soon.”

Stevo So Evol - So Evol Press

“OMG My new favorite song Famous by Stevo . it is the best...I am in love with it”

Jenna Sule - Facebook

“Famous, One of my new favorite songs”

Savannah Ottman - Facebook

“Hella yea... For real... He is good. I don't care wat other ppl say he is good... Love you Stevo So Evol Somerville (Buddy)”

Clarissa Elzey - Facebook

“I love Stevo Somerville music(:”

Laura Dixon - Facebook