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“We Do like what U R Doin' Here. Spinnin' Great Smoooooth SoulFul RnB Tunz. U Have Definately Got somethin' Good Goin' On Here So Don't Hold Back. We R Alwayz Supportive Of All Genere Muzik (We Just L O V E Muzik PERIOD). Keep It Comin'. We'll B Listenin”

Phlc Llc

“Pure quality!! I like this!!! Mary<3”

Burzza - RN Artist

“Some easy listening smooooth tunes here my friend love it great guitar! great vibe!”

Joe Adrian Project

“Hi Stevie Bleu! Great music! God bless you! Happiness!!! Success!!!”

Patricia Ohanna - RN Artist and Fan

“Man's got skill”

Darker Still - RN Artist and Fan

“Sweet sounds, will be back to listen more!”

Becca Nelson - RN Artist &amp; Fan

“Thanks Stevie.. I really LOVE your guitar and playing .. thanks for your music ROBERTA”

Roberta De Francia &amp; Band - RN Artist &amp; Fan

“Back for another enjoyable listen to the silky smooth vibes of Stevie Bleu's music. Keep making that groove thing in 2014.”

Gary Kochan - RN Artist &amp; Fan

“Wow lovin it”

Judea Solo - RN Artist &amp; Fan

“Loved listening to your music today!! A pleasure!!”

Michelle Kasajian - RN Artist and Fan

“This music is refreshing and I admire what your doing. Much success with your music in the New Year. -ITUHA”

ITHUA - RN Artist and Fan

“Hi great stuff here on your page which I'm feeling. In the silent moment of the night I wrote this song “Mistake” for you men and Casanovas. Do you like it, I like it ;) Hugs and kisses –O.C .Lapland´s Diamond.”

Odd Christina - RN Artist &amp; Fan

“Sweet bluesy jams...love "Sham Ba La!" Smooth guitars! Thanks for the kind words of support! Peace and love, Aya”

Aya - RN Artist &amp; Fan

“You're great!”

AnnMarie Fox - RN Fan and Artist

“Good music! from Spain House Dj Antonio, your music is awesome! great support ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯”

DJ Antonio - RN Fan and Artist

“Stevies HOT.”

CWC - RN Artist and Fan

“thank you for your support. it is much appreciated. nice sound, musicianship, arrangements and some smooth vocals here. listening to the whole front page today. a couple of my picks: Hot n' Sweat in' Wet and Case In Point.........Tony”

Extreme Dream - RN Artist and Fan

"Sham Ba La" is very smooth track! Love your vibe and guitar playing and clean tone. Nice work!

The Space Age Soul Connection - RN Artist and Fan


Kelly Deaver &amp; Glorify - RN Fan/artist

“Guitar vibes also I agree with you very reminiscent of the great Curtis Mayfield in a jazzy way in your own way. Peace & Blessing's..”

Tony Love - RN Artist/Fan

“Moving, refreshingly and fascinating music.”

Keld Sand - RN Artist/Fan

“Amazing. much greettings from Indonesia.”

Nallie MC - RN Artist/Fan

“Hi there, glad to meet you... Enjoying listening to "It's You I Wanna Miss" now - love your sound!”

Teruko - RN Artist/Fan

"Very Cool!"

Michael Henderson - RN Artist/Fan

“Great soulful music !!!”

Bismark Vega - RN Artist/Fan

“Loving the guitar on Obedience Stevie! Enjoyed my listen.. Much respect”

Jonathan Tambe - RN Artist/Fan

“I dig the grooves and smoothness!”

Don Jaymor - RN Artist/Fan

“Thanks For Joining Me On Reverbnation Keep Up The Great Work”

LeRuz La Rose - RN Artist/Fan

“Oh yeah, this is just right”

Michael&#39;s Workshop - RN Artist/Fan

“great music , and singing here! thank you for sharing .. AWESOME :)”

AEYO - RN Artist/Fan

“So smooth as a waterfall mist with a touch of glass shoes.”

Thayer - RN Artist/Fan

“You have got skills, great listening music and real talent here.”

Squire Red &amp; The Blues Band - RN Artist/Fan

"it's you i wanna miss" has a great groove and an easy, relaxed vibe. love it!

Sven Melo - RN Artist/Fan

"Case in Point" ! Excellent play !

Jeffrey Whitman - RN Artist/FAn

“Seven days a week this music should be played on my stereo..”

Thayer - RN Artist/Fan

“Excellent vibe and grooves and superb guitar work, Stevie. Well thought out lyrics and song structure. Really enjoyed our listen. All the best! ~Jeff & Heather”

October Road - RN Artist/Fan

“Sweet vibe on your new song "It's You I Wanna Miss". Nice guitar & running bass line driving the song. Sweet vocal .. very reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield. Nicely done Stevie!”

Gary Kochan - RN Artist/Fan

“nice laid back music i love it man thanks for becoming a fan i'm one too..”

Kanya aka 2Face - RN Artist/Fan

“Stevie, I love your soulful voice and eclectic style!”

Rose Lisa - RN Artist/Fan

“Great stuff. Love the heart & soul in the vocal on all ya do. Cheers JP”

JP Ranger Band - RN Artist/Fan

“Thank you very much for your support!! Your featuring song sounds great..the work of a great artist!!! EXCELLENT..INTELLECTUAL..REAL ART!!! ROCK ON!!! Jean”

Jean Vivace - RN Artist/Fan

“Sounding good over here...best wishes with all of your musical efforts!”

Platinum One - RN Artist/Fan

“Wow amazing sound! Love ""Subor-dn8te!" xo”

April Story - RN Artist/Fan

“Keep up the good work. Much love from Ukraine”

HiperChel - RN Artist/Fan

“Thanks for fanning. Nice sound Stevie. Like your bas sound, stereo pan and dry clear vocals. Lovely melodies. All the best from Denmark.”

John Schnell - RN Artist/Fan

“Hi! We are the rock-band from Ukraine.You seem to play good quality music. Lets support each other here on ReverbNation. Thank you!”

PanKe Shava - RN Artist/FAn

“Thank you. Keep cooking up the hits! Take care”

Milyssa Rose - RN Artist/Fan

“Like a Cool Beautiful Breeze Brother. Wishing you the best in all things. Onward and Upward. RJ”

Ronnie James - RN Artist/Fan

“Really wonderful music & guitar melodies!!! Thank you so much for adding me! Wishing you the best of luck with your music:-) Blessings, _Tessie <3”

Tessie - RN Artist/Fan

“excellent musicianship, cool tracks and pro. performance- greetz BF”

Beige Fish - Fan

“Stevie Bleu elevates the sad joint. These are some awesome recordings.”

Greg Leatherman - RN Artist/FAn

“Lovin' that Paradise...so smooth, just cruisin'...like it was always there...timeless. Props on your skills”

BellaCulo - RN Artist/Fan

“Ohhhhh man, Steve"o "Case In Point" kicks my sooooul, excellent track !”

Chad Loch - RN Artist/Fan

“Excellent! Great jazz/soul feel, awesome vocals and guitar work, and a terrific feel. We love it!”

The Professor and Naomi Kay - RN Artist/Fan

“Nice and well-performed tunes, enjoyed my visit! Thanx for the connection, have a great week! Cheers /H”

Together Alone - RN Artist/Fan

“Thank you so much for being unique and spreading your wisdom! Take care”

Leila Licks - RN Artist/Fan

“Great music! Really good voice, well written tunes and nice production. I wish you nothing but the absolute best in getting your music heard”

World Kup - RN Artist/Fan

“I love Case In Point and Lay Back Nice. Very smooth!”

Paula Shupe - RN Artist/Fan

“Stevie! Thanks so much for your support :) you have a great and wonderful talent my friend! Keep on. God bless. *Amy Jo Potter*”

Amy Jo Potter - RN Artist/Fan

“Your Great Boss! Superb! You Rule!”

Roses For Grace - RN Artist/Fan

“Thanks for the inspiration!”

Skyhouse - RN Artist/Fan

“fantastic playing Steve..really love your seamless blending of soulful vocals, smooth jazzy licks riding over some chilled, groovin funk rhythms. Wonderful music you're making!”

Mike White Presents - RN Artist/Fan

“Dropping by to show support and wish you much success with your music. Have a great day and weekend. Eddie Ray”

Eddie Ray Franks Jr. - RN Artist/Fan

“Reciprocity is fantastic! keep up the great work ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - RN Artist &amp; Fan

“Great jazzy soul !! love your sound Stevie!!! Great Quartet!!”

Yucca Rose - RN Artist/Fan

“Love the rhythmic groove lines to each song in your playlist. The lyrical vocal melody layered on top is icing on the cake. Nicely done Stevie!”

Gary Cochan - RN Artist/Fan

" Case In Point " feeling the vibes in Minneapolis.....Charles

The Fabulous Del Counts - RN Artist/Fan

“joyous - music as inspiration as it should be!”

The Johnny Schizzero Experience - RN Artist/Fan

“Make It Do What It Do Stevie Bleu! Much Success”

Darrell Griffin - RN Artist/Fan

“Smooth groove happenin' on "Case In Point" Sweet soul man! ”

Bernie Landry - RN Artist/Fan

"Subor-dn8te" wow...what a cool mix of jazz, R&B soul Stevie. Guitar leads and piano are amazing. Wishing you the very best.

Chuck Brunicardi (Greece) - RN Artist/Fan

“Great music, Stevie!!! Love those guitar arrangements. So delicate. Greetings from Argentina”

Alan Bay - RN Artist/Fan

“Now.. That's REAL Music... first song reminds me of funkadelic's lead singer...”

Ric Mcnaughton - RN Artist/Fan

“Grat soulful tracks! Thank you for connecting with me, Stevie!”

Anne Roos - RN Artist/Fan

“Music with passion & heart, including a wonderful voice - love it.”

Pyjama Devil - RN Artist/Fan

“Pure Passion from the 1st note I was engulfed by the sadness and the power of this perfectly balanced and absolutely spontaneous solo passage. Stevie has allowed us a peek into his soul. Pure passion Pure beauty. Breathtaking! Looking forward with eager anticipation to more material from this truly amazing Artiste”