Steve Valdez / Press

“That's some good ol' real country music right there!”

Big City

“Steve, I really love your treatment of Brown Eyed Girl! You have such a rich and pure voice. Great arrangement!”

SpeEnt fiXer

“Ah, to hear great vocals, melodies and playing - we just can't stop dancing to 'Browneyed Girl' down at the DoPe's pad!”

DoPe of the UK

“Terrific tracks! Great vocal talent, lyrics, and guitar skill! Enjoyed all your tracks! Keep your talent coming! Best wishes! --Slam Horse”

Slam Horse

“Love the music, and this is coming from a hip hop fan. But music is music and you make great music sir.”


“VESTIDA DE BLANCO... muy bein! tu trabajor de la musica es bonita!”

K. C. Daleigh - The Rose of Sharon (ASCAP) (AMG)

“G'day Steve, enjoying pretty little woman - nice work mate - Alan S.”

Alan S. - Stirling

“Go Steve - great country and great entertainment ”

Bud Brown - The Buddy Jack Band - Blog

“Pretty Little Woman" upbeat and awesome vocals Steve! Blazing guitar riffs, steel, fiddle...everything we love in country! Patricia :)))”

Patricia blog - Ecologyngle

“Pretty Little Woman is terrific! Great production, melody and vocals!”

Blue Plasma Orb

“Amazing vocals, Steve.”

James Chaney - The Thought Provokor

“Oi, Steve Valdez! Gostei muito, ótima canção! Desejo-lhe todo o sucesso merecido! Tudo de bom!”

Gee- Geelumusic - RN - Sao Paulo, SP, BR