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“As the band’s prolific output grows even further, this might be the time to acquaint yourself with this hard working rock band who are steadily garnering attention much further afield than their Wirral home.”

“Backed up by beastly bass guitars and bone rattling drums, Monster grows with tempo changes. Taking you on an emotional roller coaster (or ghost train), listeners are kept on edge, in great suspense with what is to come. An emotive lyricism prolongs your heavy heart-rate, sure to bring any corpse back to life”

“This is an album that you will enjoy listening to time and time again and on each listen you’ll hear something more and take more away with you.”

“For Steve Thompson & The Incidents, Rainbows & Arrows is passion, passion with no sign of forgery, the climax of an explosive and stunning release.”

“Frontman Steve Thompson has a rock voice that harks back to a time when the Brits ruled the music charts the world over. Back when Brit Pop was hailed as the 2nd British invasion of the U.S. His guitar skills hold down the treble front with shimmering chords and jangling rhythms. His band mates backing vocals merely add to the pop anthem antics they create so well.”

“Live4ever interview with Steve Thompson & The Incidents”

“Liverpool noise review -Sept 14 We came back to the venue to find the first band in full swing. Steve Thompson and the Incidents were filling the venue with their fine Liverpool sound, reminiscent of some of the best music to come out of Liverpool in the 1990’s but with an extra depth and some amazing guitar work. I was lucky enough to catch Steve Thompson and some of his friends after the set had finished. He told me that the band had been together for about 2 and a half years. I mentioned that I could hear the influence of the 90’s Liverpool sound in their music and he confirmed that as one of his influences, along with 60’s bands, such as The Doors, The Beatles and Pink Floyd, saying ‘ If we could get away with doing 10-15 minute songs, we would’. If you fancy checking out the band, they have a single called ‘Rainbows’ out on 30th called of November. To sum up what they mean to their fans, a guy called Arno told me ‘They are everything I like about music encapsula”

Liverpool noise - Liverpool Noise Hope fest

“Steve Thompson & The Incidents (pictured centre) you could say their local gig veterans having played tonnes of gigs around Merseyside and even slightly further afield in recent years. But brought a breathe of fresh-air to Hope Fest with an impressive back-catalogue of music along with a few newbies to belt out. What a terrific pick to kick off 'The heart of the festival' on a Saturday night. Playing a set including their soon to be released single 'Rainbows' which truly is a superb track by the way, they set the benchmark pretty high for those to follow (not that this is a competition or anything after all it's for charity isn't it?.) These Fellas sure know how to play an energized live set and keep up the pace throughout a frantic guitar ripping tune after tune to get us underway.”

"I had the pleasure of having Steve Thompson & The Incidents play two sets at The Cavern Club for the festival I organize, International Pop Overthrow, this past May. Thompson is an energetic, dynamic performer and gave 100% in each of his sets...and the band rocks. Oh yeah, his songs were top shelf pop tunes as well! I'd be more than happy to have the band back at the festival next year". David Bash Founder/CEO The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival www.internationalpopoverthrow.com

David Bash - International Pop Overthrow Festival

“What a show these boys put on, an absolute ‘must see’ band – The Big Slice It’s no wonder Steve Thompson and the Incidents are such a cherished band in Liverpool, zooming up the A580 to grace a stage for their Mancunian neighbours, they modestly walked on, cooly introduced themselves and then went on to absolutely own that stage. They have a very relaxed cheekiness in their personas on stage very reminiscent of the fab four, but all three members are mesmerising to watch very much like The Who where each member is competing for the audience’s attention. Their powerhouse of a bass player alone could keep your attention the whole set until Steve Thompson plays his guitar with his teeth Hendrix style. But the best thing about them is the showmanship is backed up by quality song after song, immediately bringing curious audience members at the back to leave their pints and conversations and get the hell down the front closer to the action.”

The Big Slice Team - The Big Slice

“Another Liverpool band we are hearing and reading a great deal about at the moment are Steve Thompson & The Incidents! Possibly because what this 3 piece are doing is creating music with a bit of a conscience. Their latest, soon to be released EP, "Rainbows and Arrows" was recorded at Canvas Sound Studio https://www.facebook.com/canvassoundwirral?fref=ts The band definitely have a Scouse feel to their indie rock sound. We were lucky to receive our early copy here at Tilt Shift and we sent it over to our trusty reviewer "Wiggy" for some meaningful words!! "The first track I heard was ‘Tell Cowell we're coming to get ya’ which has quite an edgy sounding guitar feel. I really like the story of the song, which is sort of taking the piss out of Simon Cowell and the whole X factor pretentious rubbish. ‘City of love’ is another decent composition, yet again they portray a rather edgy guitar sound that bends your ear nicely and again has a wonderful story behind it's lyrics.”

“Steve Thompson & The Incidents. E.P. Review. Published on November 21, 2013 by admin in Music Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * It is always heartening when you hear a band or artist bemoan the way that television and certain people making money from it has come to define music to a certain percentage of the population, so much so that you want to grab the musicians by the hand, shake it with vigour and a smile on your face and wish them all the luck in the world as they take on the televised corporation. For Steve Thompson & The Incidents their three song E.P., already worth so much in the hearts of the fans who have made their way to watching them live, this wonderful dig at one of the main people involved in the business of packaging music into the format of a television game show raises their game even further. The song itself, Tell Cowell We’re Coming To Get Ya, sounds as good in the digital era as it does as they perform it live, full of meaty abundance, lyrics that y”

“Steve Thompson And The Incidents. Gig Review. Zanzibar, Liverpool Published on August 12, 2013 by admin in Live Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * Like many things in the world, music is an art form best enjoyed live and in the raw, not force fed down a multiplex of wires and accessible via a flick of a switch and shown on a screen with directors teasing you into believing that what you are seeing is real. Catching a band live allows a sense of belonging to something a little more than yourself and in Steve Thompson and The Incidents, alongside the millions of other bands plying their trade with a smile and a song that belief is more than real, it is realisation that art in the raw is as good as it gets. Late afternoon is a strange time to be watching a band but when the weather has been as hot as it has been, with the world in the state it is and with so much going on in the city, catching music at any time of day is to be seized, savoured and stuck into the memory banks”

“Steve Thompson & The Incidents – Having gigged up and down the UK and Europe and shared the stage with the likes of Mungo Jerry, Suzi Quatro, and The Stranglers (to name but a few!), doing stints in various bands and as a solo artist, Thompson has found his niche with The Incidents. Insanely hooky upbeat pop that rocks like mid to late ‘70s radio used to…and like radio still should today!”

“One of the most intriguing artists I've stumbled across is the UK's Steve Thompson, who has apparently been kicking around the hallowed streets of Liverpool for the last twenty years, both solo and in various bands. You can hear some pub rock roots as solid as Brinsley Schwarz, but Thompson's sound is decidedly more sophisticated. His song "It's O.K" sports a catchphrase chorus over a stomping rhythm that sounds a bit like Wilco meets Oasis, as does "Do What You Like" (featuring a subtle, but infectious synth riff you don't hear from most guitar driven bands). Thompson recently released Cartoon Life, a six song EP and I look forward to hearing more. ”

“10/10 i loved this song! the track was really rocking out with an energizing beat. the percusiion and guitars had just the right mix and the vocals sounds could not have been any better. ”