Steve "the hat" Restaino / Press

“you guys KILLED! everybody has a great time when they see you play and you always make the amateurs feel like stars. you're a real class act!”

Monet Gouyette - Facebook comment from a fan

“I just got home from show...steve is one of the most talented guitar players i know. the vocal harmoneys between carolin and steve are fantastic. i dont get out much these days but when i do i search out the best musicians. gonzo morelli is on a need to see when it comes to me!!!!”

Chip Horton - Facebook comment from a fan

“Steve Restaino has 2 good things going for him. Great Musicianship & Great songwriting. Steve's guitar provides a soaring presence that gives punch to this disc. He also played all the other instruments respectively. The have the talent to go places.”

Matt Griffen - Good Times

"Love those classic rock tunes? Well No one does it better here on the cape than the Yarmouth based band :Gonzo Morelli"

Don Wilding - The Cape Cod Register