Steve Stroud / Press

“Liverpool singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/rock enthusiast Steve Stroud recently released his second solo album, "Hot Pink Flamingos". His music consists of elements from Springsteen, Lou Reed, and any other rock figure-head from rock's golden age. Opener "The Ant People Are Coming" shows the rocker's ambition, as well as musical range, with a swirling guitar looped throughout the whole song and Stroud's admirable storytelling. It's a great opener and a sign of good things to come. "As The Light Hits Liverpool" is a love song, both towards his hometown of Liverpool and to the woman whom he hopes joins him in his life. The musical expertise of Stroud is seen once again on this track, as well as a great number of other tracks on the record. The storytelling on the record is unparalleled nowadays, and the same goes for the dedication in making this record. 4.25/5”

“Steve played all the instruments on the album as well as writing, arranging and producing the record. Opener The Ant People Are Coming, a slice of mild psychedelia, has a great synth hook and catchy chorus. Steve has a fantastic voice and knows his way around a song structure. As The Light Hits Liverpool keeps on the right side of sentimentality with this future Scouse anthem. Not un-Verve like and this is a very good thing. The Attack Of The Merman starts off in the same kind of vein before quickly changing direction half way through into a mid tempo Skin Imp style groove with stunning guitar. I find the complete lack of chassis to this track brilliantly refreshing. Jack Frost Hat and You’ve Got To Be Remembered show the skill of natural songwriter. Drunks & Whores is a fantastic slab of Rock N Roll with a hint of Boogie Woogie with it’s down and dirty lyrics. Overall Hot Pink Flamingos is a quality piece of work. Easy on the ear and written with great maturity. Well worth a liste”

“Check out the new album by our friend Steve Stroud, it really is a wonderful thing:”

“Steve Stroud, a master musician with a wicked sense of humor, has a new CD out called Hot Pink Flamingos. The first song off of this CD is “The Ant People Are Coming”, a witty fun pop song in which Stroud plays all the instruments and performs all the vocals. This is an amazing complex pop song, with great strong vocals and spoken word rising over a bass driven riff. Stroud has a lot of fun with his music, and it shows. This CD is so much fun, a great cure for the winter blues. If you’re not smiling and tapping your toe at the end of this song, give it up: you’re dead. Listen and liven up.”