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"Steven Kent has a strong modern voice." says label president and award winning producer Dave Moody. "And his songwriting is very contemporary and commercial." Our staff was very impressed with his vocal range as well as the songs he's writing and feel he has what it takes to be successful."

Dave Moody, President at Lamon Records - New Music Weekly

“WOULD HE BELIEVE is Music From the Heart! Steven Kent a singer/songwriter/entertainer that creates and sings music from the heart. His versatility and style represents a pure sound that hasn’t been heard in contemporary music in a long time. Steven believes music should speak for itself and not be labeled by genres or trends. Would He Believe written and sung by Steven Kent honors Elvis and his legacy. The critical line in the song says “Would he believe he’d be around this long and that the whole wide world would still be singing his songs” “Steve’s a very talented guy. I would highly recommend, if you’re an Elvis fan, or just a country rock music fan” said, Terry Blackwood of the Imperials – The Imperials. Would He Believe featured on Steven Kent’s forthcoming DREAM & BELIEVE, vocal accompaniment by the Imperials.”

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"Imagine ... What would it be like to hear musical giants such as Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Roy Orbison, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and more in one big concert, all on stage together. In the Steven Kent show you'll hear all of that, along with Steven's personal stories with many of these great artists. The greatest voice to celebrate legendary artists. Steven who with his smooth baritone can deliver songs with authenticity. Very few singers can successfully perform such a wide variety of music genres, Steven accomplishes this in an intimate acoustic solo, as well as a full band arrangement, offering adaptability to any venue or event. Steven's unique vocal style moves though musical boundaries to create a magical evening of music. Steven a singer/songwriter is soon releasing his debut album Dream & Believe."