Steven Fontenot / Press

“Arizona songwriters who regularly play their original music in front of large crowds in Tempe will increase their reach as Eight, Arizona PBS presents Songwriters’ Showcase at the Tempe Center for the Arts, airing at 10:30 p.m., on consecutive Saturdays, beginning Sept. 3. The programs, which will lead into the popular music series Austin City Limits, will feature performance clips and interviews with songwriters. Sept. 3: Songwriters Paulina Vo, Justin Olson, Cottonwood Stone and Dirty Lingo. Sept. 10: Songwriters AJ Odneal, Daniel Coon, Cali Rodi and Kris Nelson. Sept. 17: Songwriters Steven Fontenot, Teneia Sanders and Robby Roberson. Sept. 24: Songwriters Jason Messer, Alisse Garn and Jeremy Clayton. Oct. 1: AmeriCamera, a unique mixture of original music and poetry by international band leader Billy Cioffi and renowned poet T.R. Hummer.”

“Tempe Center for the Arts Songwriter's Showcase”