Steve Morin & The Higgs Boson Project / Press

“WOW! Your guitar playing on "Into the White Light" is incredible, amazing solo work worthy of stadium glory, & I love the progressive feel & touch of electronica to your instrumentals. Really nice, epic existential themes to your lyrics & song themes & very nice hushed subtle restrained vocal delivery! I especially enjoyed "Into the White Light"!”

Jamie Connolly - Worthy of stadium glory!

“Unanswered questions pondered for aeons by all..myself included..addressed in the masterfully done "The Heavens Above". Deep...thought provoking..brilliantly composed in every aspect from the dreamy vocal melody to the haunting guitar solo..you guys just mesmerize me i swear..im so glad our paths crossed...awesome work!”

John Lewis - Awesome work!

“I thank you for fanning me because otherwise I would never have heard this. Dont get me wrong, you are unique... but I thought there would never be an answer for Pink Floyd, apparently I was wrong. Thanks for letting me know everything didn't die with the seventie's. Theres still life out there after all :)”

MedicatedCeltic - Thanks!

“as if the music isn't intriguing enough, I read the lyrics to turn to the seas and the heavens above. They are some of the best I've seen. What great compositions. ”

Don Nivens - Long Dark Road

“You know Boston has the most interesting bands. The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr and Steve Morin! These guys have a level of playing seldom seen but always well received by it's audience. Well sculpted writing combined with epic genius. We highly advise listening to Steve Morin & The Higgs Boson Project. It's musicians music, it's down to earth, and tracks like "There Comes the Sun" are soothing to the soul!”

Take Away the Ugly - Epic Genius

“Awesome music and production on these tracks..reminiscent of Roger Waters on "there comes the sun", but that's just a style issue..the scale and detail of these songs is so intoxicating, that you just lose yourself in the wide, cinematic soundscape. Amazing playing and arrangements. Tasty indeed!! ”

MikeWhitePresents - Awesome

“I hate to call this a Gilmour impersonation (with some of The Edge sprinkled on top), but then I'd be robbing Steve of the highest possible praise. This is the Gilmour-led version of Floyd. Remarkable music with the perfectly-matched vocal style. If I were a doctor I'd prescribe it for migraine relief.”

Howard Lawrence - Outstanding!