Steve Lewis / Press

"Shaky Floors is one killer album from a demon songwriter/guitarist exploring an unholy marriage of Southern Rock and Frank Zappa."

"Nice punchy super catchy upbeat guitar pop from Steve Lewis. This guy has a cool friendly sound and his songs could easily be appreciated by just about anyone. According to Lewis himself, Shaky Floors is "a twisted ride through a musical landscape marked by tricksters, bad girls, magical hats, guerrilla revolutionaries, and dirty rock." There are lotsa reasons we dig this guy's music...not the least of which is the fact that these recordings actually sound like real people playing real instruments. Instead of overlayering things to death, the songs feature nice simple arrangements appropriate for each tune. Steve's got a great voice for pop. As far as comparisons go, his songs remind us of Elvis Costello in some ways...but he's by no means a copycat artist. Plenty of cool fuzzy guitars here that really add a nice groovy vibe to the proceedings. Ten keepers on this sassy l'il sucker including "Honey Tree," "Foo On You," "Ship of Fools," and "Chin Up." Neat sounding stuff."

“ Steve Lewis plays winningly stripped-down guitar pop, pitched somewhere between Elvis Costello and Tom Petty. ”

Time Out New York

" Steve Lewis's guitar really takes off..."