Steve Kelly / Press

“Lady Blues Jackie Amos has left a comment on your page at ReverbNation. You are very Good my brother thank you”

“ Ryan Saranich Steve- It is an honor for you to come by my page and leave such a nice ! I'm totally diggin' all the awesome stuff on your page! Looking forward to hearing more. We should make some music together! ”

“Sir Calloway: Yessir! THIS is MUSIC."Johns Baby Steps" is that groove! Keep bangin'"”

“Shelia Michellè: "I appreciate great music.... peace"”

“LauraMillsRobling: "Great songs! Love "This Kind Of Love Is," blessings on all you do!"”

“brotha.deep: "Enjoying your music. Great work."”

“Kimon & the Prophets: "Great sound, love the harmonies! and the rhythms, too."”

“Broken Rock: "Steve you are to jazz what Godzilla was to tokyo! (An Institution bro) Great artistry here!! You are the man!"”

“Richard D. Ruttenberg: "Oh yeh...Serious cats at work here. This is solid business. Fresh and exciting minds are creating a pleasurable world of sound, in fact, a veritable cornucopia of harmonic delights! Diggin' it, Steve..A lot! Best always, Richard"”

“Koko Jones: "Awesome music and great videos Steve. Hope all is well... be sure to keep in touch. Let me know when you get back in Jersey. The music speaks for itself...Lots of love... Koko"”

“BEYA: "Very good music i love the live much respect"”

“Andrew Austin : "Inc Luther & Wayman (R.I.P) ~ no wonder what I'm hearing is so good!!! Wishing you all the best Steve & thank you for your friendship, Andrew"”