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“Steve Katz is a singer/songwriter who just released his debut EP Barricades. Embracing an acoustic indie rock sound equal parts Cat Stevens and Eddie Vedder, Katz offers a very strong debut. Today, we’re talking to Steve about his influences, traveling the world, and one very dedicated fan in India. When did you decide you were going to be a musician? It happened right after I learned to play my first couple of chords. I was only 14. I immediately tried to compose songs. The songs were really bad but the seeds were planted. I still have dozens of cassettes in Belgium with the first songs I recorded on a Tascam 4-track. What are some of your biggest influences, music or otherwise? My mom would listen to Pink Floyd and Santana. I was also a big fan of a radio program called “Les classics de Radio 21.” The classics of Radio 21 that aired every Sunday at 10am in Brussels. It was mostly classic and progressive rock and I loved it. While none of my songs scream either of those gen”

“Steve Katz is a singer-songwriter from New York and his E.P. “Barricades” is nothing short of fantastic. Simple yet meaningful instrumentation coupled by emotional and true lyrics, this is a songwriter. The album opens with “Thrive” which is an uplifting song with a positive message. Oh, is that not enough for you? It’s incredibly catchy. Still not enough? It’s just upbeat enough to make you want to dance. This song is sure to hit some pretty good radio play and help Steve Katz build a fan base all over the country. The title track, “Barricades”, deserves to be the title track. Couple by some light string instrumentation and percussion this track has everything it needs and nothing more. Nearing the end of the album is “Fair”, another emotionally well-written song. You can tell Steve Katz has been through these scenarios himself because of how well-written these tracks are. The track starts off slow but picks up towards the middle and keeps your attention all the wa”

“As an avid listener of music, I am constantly seeking new artists and unearthing forgotten gems. Also, as a audio enthusiast, I turn my attention to releases that have been well recorded, produced, and mastered. I came across Steve Katz recently, and was excited to find a new artist that easily met my expectations of good music and excellent sound quality.”

“Steve Katz is a singer/songwriter born in Belgium but has been residing in New York City. Steve was influenced by his mother’s musical taste growing up by listening to such bands as The Eagles, Pink Floyd and Supertramp. Steve recently released a 5 song EP, Barricades, and signed to an Indie label in NYC. We recently chatted with him about his EP and his influences. Mandy: You grew up in Belgium but moved to New York as a teenager. I’m sure that has to be a drastic change in lifestyle. How has that affected you and your music? Steve: Actually, I moved to New York in my late 20s, almost three years ago. Before that I lived in London and Israel for several years. I grew up and lived in Brussels until I was 18. The most drastic change when I came to NYC was the exposure to a place with such enormous energy, cultural diversity and endless musical opportunity. Nearly every day in New York I meet talented songwriters and musicians, which often leads to collaborations....”

“It’s been a rough summer. I won’t bore you with the details, but there’s been mornings that instead of my feet hitting the floor with eager anticipation for all I have to accomplish, there’s been an annoyed eye roll to the heavens, the blanket pulled over my head, and a heavy sigh knowing I have to get up anyway. Life challenges that we all have. Steve Katz refers to them as Barricades. Whether they’re emotional or physical, seen or unseen, they shape us into the people we are. Sometimes, more than just detours are made; art blossoms in the journey....”

“I sense that Steve Katz is on the verge of commercial breakthrough with his music. His perseverance and dedication to presenting songs with spiritual and emotional meaning should lead to many listeners’ fulfillment. I wish that he would’ve produced a full-length album rather than just an EP because his five songs left me wanting to hear more. However, this sampling is a great way for Katz to further engage and build a large, attentive audience. His material is undeniably catchy, a tad eccentric, and very ready for widespread public consumption.”

“Belgium-to-NYC transplant Steve Katz is a traditional singer/songwriter whose strong vocals and rich, narrative lyrics falls somewhere between Cat Stevens (who Katz cites as an inspiration) and Damien Rice. Katz just released a five-track debut EP, “Barricades”, and he writes on the CD cover “Barricades can scare, challenge and stop us from achieving goals. They are everywhere and often invisible. I've gone through many barricades in my time—physical and emotional ones that stood between me and my goals. Had I failed to go through any of them, this cd would never have been made.””

“ Barricades is a confident five-song debut EP from newcomer Steve Katz. While born and bred in Brussels, Belgium, Katz is now living in New York City. Judging from Barricades, it is a more than appropriate home base for him. I say this as the opening verse of “Thrive,” the EP’s first track, suggests Katz would have been quite at home during the heyday of the Greenwich Village singer-songwriter folk scene. These days, performers like Judy Collins or Phil Ochs who once surrounded their singing and acoustic guitar work with slick, supporting players would more likely be labeled indie pop or adult contemporary than folk rock. Such is the case for Katz. Whatever umbrella you want to put him under, Katz clearly sees himself as an artist with things to say, both lyrically and musically. ”

“A few weeks ago I got an email from Steve Katz. I wasn’t familiar with the name, but he is a singer/songwriter trying to get exposure for his work. I went to his website, and was beyond impressed with his work. I love his voice, his songwriting is incredible, and every song I have heard gets better and better. There is SO much passion in his work, and for a guy living and trying to make it in the Big Apple, there is a big future ahead of this guy. If you do a Google search for “Steve Katz” you will find a Wikipedia article for another musician with the same name… but this Steve isn’t 67 years old! Bands don’t usually reach out to me for an interview, but I am glad that Steve did. I dare you to listen to his work and not enjoy what you hear. It’s good. It’s really good. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Steve Katz.”

“Steve Katz is someone we featured a while back last year and Steve has returned with his first EP “Barricades” and it showcases his guitar/vocal workings to excellent effect. ”

“Steve Katz’s album cover “Barricades” has a personalized inscription that reads: “Barricades can scare, challenge and stop us from achieving goals. They are everywhere and often invisible.” Explaining that many musicians with the goal of becoming established in a career such as this, have each faced their own share of such obstacles, Katz adds, “We’ve all experienced struggles. We’re told ‘no’ nearly every day. Sometimes I’m told no ten times a day.” Adding that there are a plethora of barriers, or barricades as he refers to them that are beyond his control, he says, “The biggest barricade that I faced before devoting my career to making music was fear.” With fear holding him back from pursuing the one thing that he wanted most, he says, “My family, while supportive of my music, was afraid I’d starve if I quit my well paying job to pursue a career in music.” Katz did quit that job four years ago, leaving all behind, and moved to New York...”

"What he does is not so much groundbreaking or original as it is good. He's a singer/songwriter, yes, but you will toss that aside after hearing this few times. I always say that really good music--- the music that is far above the norm--- defies genre. These five songs are defiant as hell"

“Suite101 interview with indie pop singer-songwriter Steve Katz where he talks about his latest EP "Barricades," which features "Thrive" and "A Modern Tale." ”

“ Q: Who inspires you musically? .... I first listened a lot to Pink Floyd, Santana, the Eagles and Supertramp—my mother’s favorite band, and an influence for which I remain eternally grateful to her. Then I had a progressive rock period followed by a fusion and jazz one. But Cat Stevens and Genesis (with Peter Gabriel) have been all along in the background until today. Q: How have the last 12 months been for you?... I have been recording and working on my EP ..... Q: What’s more important, melody or lyrics? Wow! That’s a tough question! it definitely depends on the genre. Pop vs. Country. I would say that a catchy hook is the most important thing in a song. I grew up in Belgium, not speaking a word of English, however, we would mostly listen to American and British music and hum or sing hooks without understanding their meanings .Funny, no? I think that a song could work and even be a hit with average lyrics and great hooks but I don’t think the opposite is true”

“New York singer/songwriter Steve Katz currently has five singles available through major outlets Amazon, iTunes and CDbaby. His sound ranges from the Cat Stevens-sounding, acoustic folk of “Crazy” to the jazzy ballad “Barricades.” Katz is at his best when it is just him and an acoustic guitar as in “For The First Time” and “Where Do I Belong” as you can almost feel the tone in his voice as he lays his heart into his words. Katz seems to have more fun with the addition of a band as in “Kathmandu” and “Thrive” as his songs seem to grow into a life of their own. To find out more about Steve Katz and to hear samples of his songs, please check out his website, stevekatzmusic.com.”

“Hey Steve, A friend of mine asked me to check out your song Thrive. It really helped me in my situation. I am in the Army, but being treated in Landsthul, Germany for heart and kidney failure. I was stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan and on Jan 3, I woke up unable to breath. I was taken to the hospital where I was told I was experiencing congestive heart failure. My heart is severely damaged with only a 15% pumping ability..... I really just wanted to die! ... I get depressed facing an uncertain future. I heard your song yesterday and it touched my heart. I have adopted as my motivation song for getting better. I am determined to get as strong as possible and Thrive! Thanks for sharing your gift with others! Sincerely, Brenda The heart warming and engaging message above is only one of hundreds of comments Steve Katz has received from fans about his admirable music...”

“I’m always inspired by artists who take great measures to pursue their art, and Steve Katz is one of those artists. Originally from Belgium, he moved to New York a few years ago with a guitar in his hand and songs in his heart. Now he’s performing his heartfelt melodies all over the city and picking up a lot of attention online. He’s already released four singles and is in the process of working on an EP, entitled Barricades, which I am eagerly anticipating. His versatility as a songwriter and guitarist truly sets him apart.... ”

“Gratte-ciels, klaxons, sirènes et taxis jaunes… mais aussi bars, clubs, concerts et diversité culturelle… c’est à New York, en plein Manhattan que notre belge du bout du monde est parti vivre. La trentaine venue, ce jeune chanteur bruxellois au style américain a décidé qu’il n’était pas trop tard pour réaliser ses rêves… Un chemin qui n’empêche pas notre jeune artiste à prendre du plaisir en rentrant régulièrement en Belgique s’imprégner de son passé historique. Découvrez le style musical et multiculturel de Steve Katz http://www.stevekatzmusic.com/ En studio, Adrien Joveneau accueillera la pétillante américaine et coach de The Voice BJ Scott. Un nouvel album à découvrir mais aussi un moment de partage d’expériences et de joies de vivre à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte. ”

“Steve Katz is a PEV kind of artist, I like to think – he grabbed a degree, rocked the 9-5 – did everything that most folks do. But that wasn’t what HE was supposed to. He ditched the comfort about three years ago, quitting his job to write songs, eventually traveling from his home in Belgium to farther points east to the hustling and bustling streets of New York City. It’s a bit different from past spots his taken up residence in such as Nepal, Israel and India, but Katz is pushing forward just fine. He’s working on developing his first collection, so we asked the NYC new guy about his sound. Steve says “I'd say my sound is folk rock. I see my music as an expression of my feelings and my voice, which is obviously different from those of other artists. I truly believe that every person is unique and has their own qualities, voice, and sound.”..... ”

“Steve Katz has just arrived in New York and he hopes to take this city by storm. His musical influences are Genesis, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, and Cat Stevens. He also listens to a lot of Jazz music. "Yes I always knew I wanted to be in music, from the first chord I played on the guitar," Steve says.... ”

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“If you want something bad enough, you have to go after it. Period. Anyone who has been successful has been told by others it will never happen but despite that, the real believers still chased their dreams. The story of Belgium born Steve Katz, is a perfect example of what happens when see your dreams through. Since Katz was fourteen, he knew he always wanted to be a musician. And like others before him that have tried to enter the cloudy jungle of the music business, he struggled. However, Katz, didn’t let that stop him, he did what he needed to make it work; he went to school, had a full time job- you know, did what your “supposed” to do as an adult (yeah right!). Still it wasn’t what he wanted to do. His dream - at times – may have seemed far off to others but Katz didn’t listen, he kept moving forward. So, what did Katz do? Well, three years, he quit his job, packed his stuff and headed for the road to see where his music would take him.....”