Steve Ireland / Press

“Steve Ireland, bassist extraordinaire, completely electrifies on this single called ‘Transpire’ from his latest album ‘Crazybassman’, on Steve Ireland Music and is distributed via Zimbalam. I experienced so many inner music emotions throughout this absolutely rocking piece of music. It was masterfully layered with backing beats and grooves with tones of tribal and orient sensations. It also took me through journeys of jungle movements and sounds to crashing waves on airy clear-skied beaches. On his Sei Flamboyant 6 string fretless bass, Steve plays throughout ‘Transpire’ with passion, style and such ease. He phenomenally displays his mastery of his craft with a slow tempo solo midway through, that took this music listener to peaks of mountain tops with echoes and reverb sounds from a massive bass music element. This was a “fantastic listen”~A Musicians Friend~ gives this “7 out of 7” on it’s ‘thumbs up’ single review chart.”

“Incredible bass playing! You've got some serious skills, Steve! The recording quality sounds great, too!”


"Quite possibly one of the best tunes ("Transpire") i have ever heard

Music xray

“I am sincerely in awe of Transpire. Inspired, ethereal”

Blue Phoenix Radio

“Great Bass Playing Really Good In Such A way It Strikes a Cord ! Fab Work!”