“Steve! I just love the extremes in your music. You can go from the rocking MUSIC ON to the absolutely gorgeous instrumental THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD! You are incredibly talented and I love that you don't rely on computer programmed music! YOU are the real thing! ~ Rod”

Rod Sur' Rod - Reverbnation

“Your ability to create memorable songs based around a core riff is a special talent. Into The Light is yet another example. I just love your work.”

Tom Hedrick. - Reverbnation

“Hey Steve, it's a pleasure to come back and listen to you music, and always a pleasure to listen to the favs and realise more an more how cool it really is! You Rock On, Man! and thank you for bringing music into this world”

SHARON RACHMAN - Reverbnation

“Excellent song writing, performing and production with great variety. The fact that you composed, recorded and played all instruments on all the tracks is outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the listen.”

Mark Clarke. - Reverbnation

"Starry blue eyed wonder" is a masterpiece... the honesty, and emotion in the lyrics and the delivery is really felt... it reminds me of early Grateful Dead... and i loved that period for them... too good... your huge fan, da boi d

THE MAGNETO FLOBE - Reverbnation

“Starry Blue Eyed Wonder...Steve, what can I say? I was already in love thirty seconds in with the thoughtful words, heavenly keys and guitar and your awesome brogue. I thought the only thing that could make it more fabulous would be if it turned rocker and man did you deliver! Listened with good headphones and thank you for the wonderful trip!!! Brilliant!!”

Prof P-Soop. - Reverbnation

" Stand By You" great track Steve..... Sexy voice and wonderful powerful guitar.......keep rockin

Lady Dawn - Reverbnation

“The Man You See has a classic, '60's rock-pop sound. Everything you record is so genuinely from you and from your soul.”

Tom Hedrick - Reverbnation

“I remember reading recently how you wished you could write another song like Cracked Mirror.But imo (Into) The Light is easily it's equal in melody,mood and swagger.Big big fan of this song.Such a great riff and that plate shifting bass sound really grabs a hold of you.The fact that the chorus doesn't even come in til about the two minute mark simply adds to it's brilliance and appeal for me.Fantastic track,brimming with great style and taste”


“One of the true goldmines on this site!”

STIFF SPIRIT - Reverbnation

“Some great songwriting Steve love your guitar work (reminiscent of Pete Townsend, if you don't mind me saying) can't seem to get 'Cracked Mirror' out of my head... quite catchy and giving 'Cupid Game' a listen... great stuff my friend!”

ADAM NICHOLSON - Reverbnation

“The guitgar work on ¨CRACKED MIRROR¨ is about as good as it gets, very impressive”

ALBERT BEVIA - Reverbnation

“Hello steve long time no see, listening to ¨TURN IT UP¨ this is an outstanding track that shows the depth of your talent. Love the beat and guitars.”

ALBERT BEVIA - Reverbnation

“Jesus, Steve, I see your rocking soul is all bursting out through "TURN IT UP"......... Man:::::::)))))))))))))”

SHARON RACHMAN - Reverbnation

“Turn It Up is just about the perfect title for your latest track Steve.As you literally can't stop yourself edging up that volume slider while you're listening.Exhilarating,exciting and wonderfully infectious.Love the guitar work,and that bass really demands your attention as well.Excellent stuff.”


“When I stopped by to listen to Turn It Up earlier, I didn't realize that I hadn't fanned you since you rejoined RN. And now that I've returned to become your fan here once again, I will leave you the comment I should have left earlier. Your newest, Turn It Up, is sizzlin'. Da boi mentioned a similarity to The Clash, while my immediate impression was that it felt like the funk rock that INXS popularized, but with a bit more of an edge because of the texture of the guitar solos. Bottom line: it's a strong track, both lyrically and musically, and hopefully, just the start of a brand new creative wave from the soul of Inglis.”

BALUJA. - Reverbnation

“Had to stop by and listen to Cracked Mirror. Any song covered by The Electric Era must be special, and your original proves it. But then again, you have so many great songs.”

TOM HEDRICK - Reverbnation

“Steve, so many amazing songs here in your playlist and totally celebrating this new one. Turn it UP has got it going on Steve, off the chain guitar work, love your vocal and totally into the funky vibe. Congrats my friend.. Just LOVIN Turn it Up!! xoxo”


“turn it up" is like The Clash, maestro... so punky, so funky, so fine... in a world void of melody and booty... you bring the wood, bro!!!!!! nice solo too... mick jones would be envious... your huge fan, and humble student, da boi d”

THE MAGNETO FLOBE - Revebrnation


MISS CHAMPAGNE. - Reverbnation

“Wow! - "TURN IT UP" is fabulous - what great rhythms, killer lead, tune and vocals. This is real rock - a gift for a radio station. Well, you went into hibernation as a butterfly and came out as ......an even more beautiful butterfly! EXCELLENT.”

"Sir" Chris Ingram - Reverbnation