Steve Heathcock / Press

“Steve is singer/songwriter from England whose solo album The Cynic is out now on iTunes and Amazon and Confidential records. With airplay on smooth radio and BBC Radio WM and Beacon radio things are looking food for him. His music has been compared to Paul Weller, Joe Jackson, Squeeze and Elvis Costello. David Says There are great melodies and hooks in this poppy tune that reminds one of the best of the best of the past. Steve has a pleasant voice and great writing skills. This sound is going to do well in the adult contemporary market for sure.”

“Hailing from Stourbridge in the UK Midlands, Steve Heathcock is a singer/song-writer with his debut album just out. He reckons he is just an ordinary geezer who writes real songs about real issues. Hi sound has been described as classic rock by critics. David Says: A simply direct song that drops you into the story and out again with ease. Steve’s voice is strong and pleasant, making sure you get the full import of the lyrics. It has that slightly familiar feel as if you’ve heard it before even tough you’ll know you haven’t. Accessible and easy to listen to”