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"Music is the language of the spheres, and lately popular music is just horrible in my opinion, void of emotion or talent. It has become a commodity, formulaic, derivative and entirely unoriginal or dangerous." Steve Grandinetti: New York Gumbo

“Interview with multi-instrumentalist Steve Grandinetti - thrills his audience with humor and consummate music”

“Interview with multi-instrumentalist Steve Grandinetti - thrills his audience with humor and consummate music Posted by Michalis Limnios BLUES @ GREECE on March 24, 2014 at 4:00pm View Blog "Music is the language of the spheres, and lately popular music is just horrible in my opinion, void of emotion or talent. It has become a commodity, formulaic, derivative and entirely unoriginal or dangerous." Steve Grandinetti: New York Gumbo Interview by Michael Limnios What do you learn about yourself from the blues and what does the blues mean to you? The Blues is the least pretentious form of music. This unique blend of African and European influences is the root of all modern music. To me it is pure emotion, where an individual expresses universal experiences of the human condition. What I learn from listening and playing the Blues is that there is no limit to the depth of emotion that can be expressed in this musical form, and the beauty of this music is that within this seemingly lim”


" Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Grandinetti's most recent album "Only Love Is Real " cannot be assigned to any one genre, because, as usual, it changes as needed between rock, pop, blues and soul Jamrock. And that is what always makes his records surprising. Winter finally has arrived, gray and hazy. Steve Grandinetti sings "I Miss The Sun", slightly dreamy and seemingly without end. But nearly ten minutes is not enough to change the weather. After the song is over you want to hear and dream to more of those moody tracks on "Only Love Is Real". But again and again the album pulls you out of melancholy. Grandinetti has once again filled the disc with everything from jazzy rock grooves ("Jake's Groove ") through dreamy pop melodies ("Julie") to funky excursions on the dancefloor. Those who have been watchin

“This Week: Steve Grandinetti Steve Grandinetti is a multi-instrumentalist from Port Townsend. He plays guitar, keyboards, bass and drums and writes an occasional novel in his spare time. Born and educated in New York City, Grandinetti came to the Northwest with a broken heart and fell in love with the area. We’ll hear some of his multi-genre compositions and meet this hard working guy on this week’s Locals Only. - See more at: http://kism.com/locals-only/#sthash.yQ3yIZ4W.wRzkoNv5.dpuf http://kism.com/locals-only/this-week-steve-grandinetti/ ”

“2nd Friday Art Rock 2nd Friday Art Rock (2FAR) is like deliciously colorful jam. On Friday, June 14, 2013, at 8:00pm come to Bar N9NE for a tasty 2FAR event featuring Port Townsend's Steve Grandinetti Band and Port Angeles artist Jeff Tocher. Steve Grandinetti Band never fails to thrill the audience with humor, stage antics, exceptional musicianship, and soulful singing. Steve Grandinetti is a hard-working performer, playing more gigs in a year than Otis Redding and giving his all to engage the audience, get people dancing, and leave people smiling. Steve Grandinetti Band is Steve on guitar/vocals, Walter Harris on bass/vocals & Caleb Lowrey on drums. To hear some of their jams, check out http://www.reverbnation.com/stevegrandinetti. Kick start your weekend in Port Angeles by coming to Bar N9NE (229 West 1st Street, Port Angeles) for drinks, food, music, art, and great times on Friday, June 14th. Steve Grandinetti Band and Jeff Tocher will get the 2FAR dance-party going.”

“CD Review May 2013 Steve Grandinetti - Heart Of Me Blues, Jamrock, a little soul and pop tunes - songwriter Steve Grandinetti rather than the agreement to a single style always puts the songs in the foreground . So his new album "Heart Of Me" with 18 songs is a musical grab bag. Or should we say "Forrest Gump", a box of chocolates, you never know what you get before you try? "Down In New Orleans" and "Deaf Dumb And Blind" were the first songs I heard from Steve Grandinetti. Bluesy, with grooves from New Orleans and pretty much bite. And then this: "Heart of Me" is a pop song that comes along almost fragile, in love and restrained. This is another Grandinetti than I initially expected. And the second song, "Sweet Temptation" is at first very cautious, before you realize with how much power and sometimes indignation, is here in the matter. So it continues - alternating through the styles, mostly gently, but somehow in his human nature always winning favor for himself”

“The bandleader is ready to do his 290th gig of this year. On Night No. 1 at a brand-new venue. This New Year's Eve, Steve Grandinetti will dish out four sets of funk, rhythm and blues, reggae, Latin, jazz and rock 'n' roll at The Loom, a nightclub upstairs at 118½ E. Front St. Monday night's party with Grandinetti and his band will introduce The Loom, with doors opening at 8 p.m. and revelry continuing till 2 a.m. Grandinetti, who is well-known to Port Townsend audiences, said he's ready to pull out the stops for his year-end gig. He's bringing Neal John Richter and John Sanders with him for a panoply of dance-friendly music; he estimates they will dish out about 50 songs during the night. “We're going to play some old-school R & B and funk like James Brown and Stevie Wonder, some blues by T-Bone Walker, some Bob Marley . . . and good, old rock 'n' roll,” from the Grateful Dead to Buddy Holly,” promised Grandinetti.”

“He’s working hard to do what comes naturally. “I came out fully formed,” said local musician and songwriter Steve Grandinetti, referring to his musical instincts. “I work hard because music is my true calling. The more music I make, the more music I need to make, if that makes sense.” It does make sense, especially after talking to Grandinetti and catching his enthusiastic energy, or listening to his accessible and often danceable music, which ranges from funk to reggae to a classic rock ballad you’d swear you’ve heard before. It is clear that Grandinetti lives and breathes music. He spends most of his time on two things: 1) making music and 2) finding a place to play music live, which he recognizes is not always easy to do in a small town where venues are limited and there are so many other talented musicians. ”

“ A true musical chameleon, Port Townsend, Washington’s Steve Grandinetti has made a career of his versatile talents which continue to allow him to thrive within nearly any genre. Capable of picking up the guitar, bass, harmonica, and clarinet, or sitting down at a piano, drum kit, organ, or marimba, this singer/songwriter/musician/educator has turned into a true craftsman of the local music scene. Capable of jamming and soloing through rock, blues, and funk songs or slinking along R&B, Latin, or reggae tracks, Grandinetti is fearless when it comes to performing and executing within multiple genres. He remains incredibly active throughout the Port Townsend area, and has shared the stage with artists such as The Neville Brothers, The Band, Willie Nelson, and NRBQ. Contributing to his eclectic style are influences including Dr. John, Steely Dan, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, and many more. http://www.reverbnation.com/stevegrandinetti ”

“ Relix Magazine's Review Of Steve Grandinetti's album "Jonjano' Baro'" Another singer-songwriter that skits across musical boundaries with ease is Stephen Grandinetti. Jonjanó Baró (Gypsy Gumbo Music) is his first solo album. Grandinetti, who is backed by some excellent musicians throughout, shows himself to be a more than competent multi-instrumentalist and polished singer-songwriter. There's nothing pretentious or overblown about his R&B and jazzy blues songs. The soulful "Send Me An Angel," the Dr. John- influenced "Down In New Orleans" and the superb slide-driven "Dog House Blues" offer plenty of evidence of his skills. For the perceptive big-name musician, there's probably a hit or two on this disc. Relix Magazine On Line”

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