Steve Cross / Press

“Sexhouse...teleio! Sexhouse...teleio! File h mousikh sou ta spaei! Eidika to Fly to America with Erica mou phre ta myala! Mou aresei h country mousikh.kai etsi opws thn exeis syndyasei me beat kai me thn xarakthristikh fwnh sou,mou proxenei synaisthimata kai eikones pou eixa kairo na "zhsw"!”

“yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.cool,rock on!”

“WOW you got the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen! and ur not talentless you should move along with this for real xox ”

"how sexy could you be?" - absolute anthem for sexy

“omg you're surely very inspiring! will you come to the US? ”

“Dude I love your ballad "she doesnt love me ... . ! amazing brings memories ”

“Very clever and original concept. You can be as sexy as you want! Everyone can. ”

“inspiring, different, fresh.... keep it up! ”

“Vocals win the lead it's so electronic... You master the electro pop thing, Steve. waitin 4 more ;-)”