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“He came early to my event! Was the nicest easiest person to talk to. All around great! Would def use him again! Thanks so much for such a memorable night.”

“Steve did a fantastic job at our wedding on Feb 8th 2014. During the 4 hour event Steve took charge of the procession music for the ceremony and played most of the songs we requested along with other fun songs that were appropriate. I was very impressed with how Steve made sure that everything ran smoothly and on time. He was very professional and directed the guests throughout so that everybody knew what was happening and when to ensure that everything ran smoothly. This really helped me (the bride) to stay relaxed, knowing that everything was being taken care of. I would highly recommend Splash DJ to anybody that needed a DJ.”

“Steven did a great job as the DJ at our company event. He kept it family friendly and had the crowd on their feet. Steven was very accommodating to our requests. I would recommend him for your event.”

“Steve was amazing. Great music, great entertainment and kept the energy alive throughout the whole night! I could not have chosen a better DJ for my wedding. I highly recommend Splash DJ Entertainment.”

“Not only is Steve a fantastic DJ, but his prices are so affordable! We knew we needed a great DJ but we couldn't afford Choice Entertainment. Steve was absolutely perfect for our wedding! I used his easy to use, online music database to hand pick all of our music, and Steve even provided a small lighting package (price was included in our original quote), and even was able to play music for our ceremony outside. Steve can do it all and can really make your wedding run smoothly! He's also very active in the community, so if you want to "try it before you buy it," go check him out at an event! We loved working with Steve and our wedding would not have been the same (and as much of a success) without him!”

“Splash DJ did an amazing job for my wedding in March. He played everything I requested on my list and was able to keep the partying going. My family and I danced the night away!!!”

“Steven was prompt, polite, and prepared! Our third, fourth, and fifth graders enjoyed the music he played for our end of the year celebration.”

“As a cinematographer, the DJ at a wedding can have an impact on the quality of my film. Not only does Steve have a great sound system and a relaxing pace that keeps weddings running smoothly, he has a great light show that make my highlight reels POP.”

“Steve provided the music at my daughter's wedding and reception and also provided the music for my in-laws 50th anniversary. He has a great ability to read the crowd. Nearly 6 months after the wedding we still have friends and family (from their 20's to their 70's) talking about how much fun they had at the reception. I even had one of the servers from the club talking about how much fun she had working the event. The music is the key to a fun party and Steve definitely delivers. I highly recommend Steve Brooks.”

“Mr. Brooks did an amazing job at my daughter's wedding reception as DJ. He was very professional from the planning stage to the actual event. He not only provided entertainment but guided the flow of the reception as Emcee so that the Bride and Groom had nothing to worry about but to enjoy their celebration.”

“Steven was helpful from the very beginning when we first contacted him about being the DJ for our wedding. He went above and beyond, which added to our day being THAT much better! The music and announcing, to the games that were played that night will be remembered forever. He was also kind enough to check on us when my husband and I were actually sitting down and trying to eat (which we know can be difficult surrounded my family and friends that want pictures :) ) and always made sure we were comfortable and made sure we weren't in need of anything (drinks, water, etc.). Was also kind enough to volunteer if anyone needed a safe ride home! Steve deserves 5 stars indefinitely! Thank you for all of your help! You added to a perfect wedding day for us!”

“Steven was the STAR DJ at my husband's 40th birthday party. Not only was he awesome at taking requests, reading the crowd, and playing the best music for our crowd at our party (we danced for HOURS!), he showed up early, was incredible to bring all of his lights to create the best party scence, helped make sure we were following all noise ordinance hours appropriately (the celebration was in our neighborhood) with volume control when needed, and HAPPILY continued the party beyond the contracted time. He even helped with end-of-the-night clean up so we could all leave the venue with peace of mind, ... who does that?! STEVEN DOES! Steven went above and beyond his call of duty from start to finish, and I HIGHLY recommend him for your event!!!!!”

“Had a Halloween Party and came across Splash DJ, Steve Brooks. I was very impressed with the sound equipment. Steve is very talented and a great entertainer. We topped the night off with karaoke. Thanks Steve! We shall see you again soon!”

“Steven did a great job for our small 30th birthday karaoke party. He was honest and easy to work with. Had great equipment and song selection. Would definitely hire him again.”

“The skies parted and Steve appeared, a heavenly presence to pull it all together in hymnal harmony for my parents' memorial service. He was unafraid of any request, and if one presented a problem he figured it out, with little time to prepare. Steve aims to please and takes great pride in his work. I don't even want to think of what our event would have been like without him there to lend his energy and expertise. I am eternally grateful.”

“was so scared at first, because it was too good to be true. Steven Brooks is just amazing, you all need to use him. We had our wedding this past weekend on December 6th and he was better than what I could have imagined! He played this game where everyone at the table had to sing a song with the word "love" in it, if they wanted to be next in line to eat and everyone just loved it! (I was worried because our guests were serious and not too many were the outgoing kind but surprisingly the SHY ones got up first to sing, it was awesome). Best wedding I have ever been to, and it was our own! Anyway, I don't know what else to say to show you (his future customers) the kind of person he is, but he helped the whole night and he was very careful and my parents loved him, and my new Mother in Law as well! Call him, just give him a few minutes of your time.”

“Easy to work with - Absolutely had all of the songs requested - excellent voice - very nice when he sang and walk around the group. Will definately use him again !!! Actually, nothing could have been done better.”

“Engaged with the crowd. Always pleasant to talk to. Variety of music was excellent. Accommodation to specific requests was great! Sound quality was great. Enjoyed the personal touch of Steve singing.”

“We had so much fun at my daughter's sweet 16 party. DJ Splash was fantastic! The kids had a blast dancing!”

“Steve was the DJ for our wedding on September 21st, 2013 and he did such a great job! Honestly, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect since I found him on an online list of DJs in the area but I saw he had good reviews and was very helpful when I talked to him on the phone. He was everything I could have hoped for in helping to make our wedding memorable. He was so kind and professional. He bent over backwards to make sure that we got exactly what we wanted and nothing less. Plus he ended our wedding on such an epic moment that we weren't even expecting. HIGHLY recommend!!”

“Steven Brooks was a fantastic DJ. He went above and beyond at my wedding. He was on time and he dressed very appropriate for the wedding. He had wonderful manners and he was always available whenever I had a question. At the end of the night he helped my family clean up the reception. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks again Mr. Brooks!!!”

“Steven Brooks was outstanding, He setup quickly and kept the music going all evening, playing something for everyone. He even remembered my favorite songs.”

“Steve provided DJ and MC services at our wedding on August 10, 2013. We can't say enough about how happy we are with his communication, professionalism and assistance before AND after the wedding and reception was over. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for similar services. He went above and beyond all our expectations!”

“Steve is an incredible DJ, entertainer, and musician. Not only does he have great talent, he has the ability to feel out any crowd in any venue and play exactly what they are craving. He makes for one of the top DJ's around and he will go above and beyond to please his clients!”

“I have heard Steve many times at Wabi Sabi. Steve is one of the few DJ's that are always professional, shows up on time, and puts on a great show. He's passionate about playing to the crowd and has a wide range of music knowledge to back it up.”

“Steve was absolutley the best dj ever!! He did everything just right no complaints from anyone! As a matter fact people ask where I found him he even let my aunt do karioki which was so not planned!! He will definitely be used again by us !!! Five stars hands down”

“My wife and I hired Steve simply to DJ our wedding. However he went above and beyond our expectations. Besides us getting married, the one thing our guest stated they would remember was the DJ. Steve was very flexible when our wedding started off late due to inclement weather. He ensured that even though we started late, things went as planned and all enjoyed the event. Another thing guest liked was Steve proposing that the first table to sing a song about love would go first in the buffet line. All of the guest loved it and all 8 tables consisting of 70+ guest all joined in to sing a song. Also Steve ensured guest felt welcomed. He went around filling up drinks and taking up empty plates. He also ensured the children could participate, request music and even sing along with a microphone. What DJ does that? Again Steven was a tremendous DJ and now good friend for making our day memorable. Below is a link to a video he made for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7Q9J3J0cv0&feature=youtu”

“Steve and his group Splash did a gig on my farm for about 70 people. Steve started the party with some dj'd music and then his band played for 3+hours. Wow, did they rock! I was really impressed with how tight the band was and their sound repertoire was amazing. Will definitely hire them for the next party.”

“Steve Brooks (Splash DJ) is excellent. With everything that was going on with planning my wedding, I forgot the music. I knew what the bride & groom dance was going to be but didn't have a clue with the rest. I told Steve what Billy (husband) and I liked and Steve did the rest. I left it up to Steve. He even dedicated and sang us a song. I highly recommend Splash DJ. I even got high praises from the guests.”

“Steve was fantastic to work with from beginning to end! He was flexible when the birthday girl couldn't decide on her party hours, he showed up on time and was ready to roll when the party guesting started arriving and did a great job accommodating everyone's request. We'd definitely use him again and have recommended him to all our neighbors!!”

“steve did a great job, he paid attention to what we requested. he was fun and energetic.”

“Steven did a show for a Boys and Girls Club party. He played the right music for the audience and the kids enjoyed talking to him. We'll have him back.”

"He was awesome in fact he is now in my phone for any of my clients That need awesome entertainment. Ty again for making a special day A day to remember. He was very careful because children were present During this ceremony so he carefully chose music to please everyone Including the children. He also without asking helped the family clean Up the hall which that was something I have never seen.he was also Prompt on his arrival. He came very prepared to complete the job. Again thank you for an amazing job...

“Steve is the best at all things.....music, friendship, entertainment...on and on......thanks and love you bunches:)”

“Steven Brooks provided the "Splash Band" for the Rock the Block event in June 2012. The band played two 45 minute sets for a very reasonable price. As always, Mr. Brooks was prompt and professional, and most importantly, supplied the main entertainment for the event. The music was very crowd pleasing and it was very apparent that everyone had a wonderful time. I would definitely recommend Steve Brooks as a performer or DJ.”

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“I had a Great night with some fellow musicians at OTCC....an old friend Eddie Bruce,,,,a new friend in Troy Costley......when i came home i ran across Lin Doak my nephew had posted this pic , his grandmother ,,,,MY MOM.....so many memories of MUSIC, I had to log back on and post with a lot of tears!!!! Happy weekend peeps..... this is where our love of music began.......Thank U also Steven Brooks for being such a friend”

“Splash DJ rocked the house again!!! great night at OTCC,,,,Kudos my friend..the owner called me twice to say what a GREAT DJ and entertainer U are....and my GREAT friend!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY and MUCH LUCK with your new engagement!!!”

“Reallygreat heartful/ yes tear jurking Steve!!!:) congrats to you/Vicki♥♥**joy,peace/love”

“Steve is a true gentleman and a really, really nice guy.”

“Steve - you rock! The words brought tears to my eyes and I'm so happy for you and Vickie! Just saw you guys on the news too! That is so awesome!!!”

“A Richmond man found love on Facebook and even popped the question on the site. Steve Brooks eats, breathes and sleeps music and he met his new fiancee on Facebook, so it's only fitting that their unique relationship culminated in a musical, online proposal. Brooks spent 30 straight hours composing a song and creating a video, entitled marry me, to ask his girlfriend, Vicki Collins, if she would do just that. said Brooks. Collins. She said yes. "I just wished I could've given him a hug and I couldn't. So that was sad and happy at the same time," explained Collins. "He's just a true gentleman. He's really a sweet guy and I love him so much." "She's just a blessing in my life," said Brooks. "I couldn't be happier." ”

“Hey Steve, I am the bass player that Ronnie introduced you to tonight. Nice meeting you man. You sounded great man. I have honestly never seen anyone solo on two instruments before at the same time...and I have seen a lot. Awesome. ”

Scott Cutter - Facebook

“Steve, I told Scott last night that if you had six arms, you wouldn't need a band around you! You guys were great last night. ”

Jeff Cuneo - Facebook

“Thanks for the fun last night at Wabi. You are truly a great man, great musician and great friend. Keep on keepin on good brother. ”

Scott Billings - Facebook

“Steve, I will give it to you, you like all music you are not one densional that's for sure”

Jim Gibbs - Facebook

“LOVE your music! Absolutely beautiful songs. "I'm Holding On" and "the love you lost" are my favorites. All the best to you :) ”

Nicole Pesce - Reverbnation


“That is your BEST Song Ever, Steve ! They are all good...but that one is GREAT !!! Make me proud.”

“Fantastic Work last night! Who plays guitar AND keyboard at the same time... WHILE SINGING?????! Only Steve Brooks! ”

“and you're amazing at what you do! Never seen anyone do that before.. playing two instruments at one time very impressive:) ”

“peace steve like your music, you got a pop rock country style with a voice like elton john. good luck and much success peace.”

Robin Lacue - My Space

“I love love love you, thank you for inspiring and pushing me to play, and for being your awsome self”

Beth Drake - Facebook

“Steve...You know this is my FAVORITE!!!!! You know it is if I go around singing it all day!!!!!”


Laura Reuther - Facebook

“Beautiful Steve...TY for sharing. Blessings & Love to you. Have a Lovely Valentines Day my friend. ♥”

Donna Ritter - Facebook

“You have a wonderful gift that was nurtured by your mom and brother, go with love your day is coming. Some people never see beauty unless it is only about them. I just have to pray they find their peace and love without conditions. God bless you my new facebook friend. :o)”

“You were awesome singin up there. you have a killer voice, keep rockin it out. We r doing it again sometime in next few months.”

“OMG....This song is the one going up the chart? YOU know this is my FAVORITE.....WOW....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew this would happen!!!!”

“Nice work, Steve. I hear a lot of Beatles...and Chicago?”

Christopher Morton - Facebook

“Love it Steve ♥ ♥”

Donna Ritter - Facebook

“Had a Blast !!!! You'll are AWESOME”

Jacqueline Leibert Glass Short - Facebook

“Someone handed him those keys, and he gave it everything... he gave it... everything.”

“Hey Steve...Thanks 4 jammin w/me last nite!!!!And of course...your piano playing was awesum...as usuall!!!!Good time my friend....u rock!!!! ”

“Had a great time last night, and love ur music. I think u r trueley talented, and will go far in life! Thank u 4 being my friend Steve, love ya! ”

“Sarah Goode Hardy News Flash!!! Steve Brooksis "The Ebony/Ivory King" The bratha ROCKS the Stage... Got MAD LYRICS/MUSIC...chk him out and PUSH His PROJECTon your page....he will b performing with Robert E. Gray /frens Revelationz@Sunset Nov 21, 2010 Harlem Harlemcafe Rich,Va. *peace/love ”

“I love this song Steve!”

Rosa Billings - Facebook

“All proceeds from the sale of my new cd will be donated to uso.org through the month of December!”

“Steve, You sounded kILLER! at the jam! look forward to doing it again my friend. ”

“News Flash!!! If u were in the HOUSE last night Revelationz@Sunset Show at the Harlem Cafe' u got a Ride on the Love Train... Steve Brooks "The Ebony/Ivory King" Robert E. Gray "The Smoothest Bass-Man" and Richard" The Triple Stick Drum n-Man" GROOVED!!!ROCKED!!!/MOVED!!! The House...ck out Steves wk!!!*peace/love”

“My new CD "I'm not the man I used to be" is available in my online store! Please support my music! Thank you and God Bless!”