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“Local rock/roll trio Stereo Sons released a new album last week, their second, and it's called We're All Friends Here. In an existential, human condition kind of way, I dig what they're saying. We're all on the same team, guys. The music on WAFH is a very easy-listening, '90s kind of groove rock, with a grownup balance of pessimism and optimism. "Was my heart so hollow?" asks singer Chris Klepac on standout track "Close Enough Forever." Klepac questions love and the motives of others a lot through his lyrics. He's an observer, and takes his time trying to figure people out. Mike O'Doherty does solid work on drums and samples, and Carlos Tulloss, he of ever-stylish jazz fusion group Afrocop and talented new wavers Screens, adds his golden touch on bass (check out the propulsion he brings to opener "One Thousand Goth Keyboards").”

Line Out (The Stranger)

"It's not easy being a band from Seattle. There is that monstrous past scene that all bands are invariably compared to. Then comes along Stereo Sons. The band of Chris Klepac, Mike O'Doherty and Carlos Tulloss don't need any comparisons. They kick ass all on their own. They have an original sound, that yet captures all the history of that scene, without being overly influenced by it. The eight tracks are masterfully performed, expertly produced and the whole album is just highly compelling. The year is very new, but this is definitely the best thing we've heard yet.”

Floorshine Zipper Boots

““Stereo Sons are the current project of long-time favorite Chris Klepac, the primary songwriter for alt-country cult faves Hex County. Stereo Sons first album, Our Own Devices, brought some keyboards and other electronic elements into the mix ... Chris says he and the band are ‘expanding our use of samples to create weird, gnarly soundscapes and make the live show more of a big sensory experience.’””


“Stereo Sons, “Close Enough Forever” (out now, self-released, stereosons.com): Perfect for a sunny day road trip, this pop-infused track from the Seattle-based “bastard child of dance and prog” has vocalist Chris Klepac asking “When will I be happy?” Jump in the car, put this on repeat, and see what happens.”

KP - Seattle Weekly

“Each band member brings in his own unique style to the band, and it really gives Stereo Sons such an individual sound and vibe.”