StepOut Booking / Press

“Funny Story. I was booking this band from Nebraska called Haven 21 and they wanted to show their appreciation and asked if they could take me out to dinner. In their request they asked what my favorite type of food was... and I said Chinese. However, I felt Chinese would be too expensive on a touring bands budget, so I suggested Panda Express (fast food Chinese). After touring the sites and showing them around town, they were ready to eat. The 6 of them looked at me sheepishly as they pulled into a Hooters parking lot. We went inside. The waitress was kind of surprised to see me with these 6 young gentlemen. She looked at me and looked at them and back at me and then again to them. Seeing the query on her face, I looked at her, shrugged my shoulders and said, "I asked for Chinese." SIDE NOTE: Several of the members are now part of Chicago based band Capehart.”