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“The Thneeds release an album everyone needs needs FAIRBANKS — If a thneed is a thing that everyone needs, you need to check out local rock band the Thneeds’ new album at their album release party tonight at the Marlin. The band got together in ’97 or ’98 — no one quite remembers. It was when most of the members were students at UAF. Several of them were studying engineering, which band member Bill Schnabel who writes the lyrics thinks was always a strength for them. “You don’t expect engineers to be rocking out. So you don’t necessarily have to be good, you just have to be enthusiastic,” Schnabel said. “Which is not to say that we weren’t good.” After the various band members graduated, they experienced what the band refers to as the Thneed Diaspora, “a period in which several band member”

“NewDawn will be performing its last gig at the Howling Dog on 9/21-9/22/12 @ 10pm bothe evenings. We'll miss you, Donielle!”

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“Both NewDawn and the Thneeds had a great time at the Midnight Sun Festival and send our best regards to everyone who participated.”

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